Wednesday ‘Podge – People can be annoying, right?

1. What surprises you the most about people? 

I know this is awfully negative but I’m surprised when I meet people my age or older that make such poor and/or stupid choices still. I mean, I’ve been known to do dumb things but I’m talking really dumb. But hey, to each their own right? Free will and all that. As an anecdote, I was behind a woman in an Altima this morning who was driving rather erratically through downtown – went straight from the turn lane too. Then I saw why: she was putting on her mascara. This has always been something that made me mad. Wake up with enough time or do it when you get to work. The road ain’t the place for that sweetheart.

2. Would you rather have a chauffeur, nanny, gardener, maid, personal shopper or cook? Tell us why that one? 

Hmm, toss up between cook and gardener. I don’t even really mind cooking but it might be nice not to worry about it. I do pay a lawn guy but it’s not for everything. I want someone to do my entire yard and there’s a lot of it!

3. May 18th is National Notebook Day. No idea what that means but let’s run with it anyway. What’s something you currently keep in a notebook? Have you seen the movie The Notebook? On a scale of 1-5 how does it rate? (5=a favorite, can watch and re-watch and re-watch again) 

I keep a journal and right now, I have a nice Notebook that SNHU sent me (as a token of thanks for almost 13 years of teaching for them) as sort of a bullet journal in the office. I have not seen the movie, though I know of it. I won’t rate it since that wouldn’t be fair.

4. Do you like mushrooms? Last dish you made or ate that had mushrooms on the ingredient list? Your favorite dish that calls for mushrooms? 

I LOVE mushrooms! I guess the last time I had them was in the mushroom soup at hibachi. I typically add them to salads or just eat them raw. I think they’re good any way you want them. I do enjoy them sauteed on a steak.

5. What would you say is the most annoying thing people do in public? 

I’d say either vaping or talking loudly on their phones – certainly if it’s at the cash register. RUDE.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Morning, 6:27. Elliot just left for the bus, which he hates. Some friends have been giving him a ride but since we’re in the final stretch of school there’s a lot of people skipping classes that aren’t testing. I hate that but also understand why they don’t want to just sit and waste time.

Always nice to enjoy the quiet before going to work, even though it’s quiet there now too. This is more of a reflective time for me.

In the office; Plugging away at my week; grading papers and listening to music. Trying to write here and there. I’m rather restless this week, mostly because I am actually really excited about this beer festival Saturday. It should be a nice weekend getaway. We leave around 10 Friday and plan to go to a couple breweries and bottle shops once we get to our airbnb. Then the festival is Saturday 2. We are within walking distance of the venue. Hoping we can actually leave and come back because maybe we’ll do the first hour, go back and cool off, then go back. It’s Florida in May after all and it’ll probably be pretty warm. I’ll be wearing minimal clothing but still, it’s gonna be warm! The forecast says a high of 91 so yeah, there’s your answer.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – People can be annoying, right?

  1. Thinking about your answer to #1 – I have been shocked at what I’ve seen people doing while driving – I seriously have seen people shaving. It’s mind boggling. And totally agree that people talking on the phone when they are in the checkout lane is so annoying.

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