Thursday 13 – End of school/early Summer musings

  1. On Monday evening, I was in an exceptionally good mood and after I picked up my son from an athlete social at school, Ash and I took about a three mile walk, which made me feel so good about everything in my life, especially after a keto lunch.
  2. On said walk, I saw my second bunny of the season. The first was about a week ago running in front of my pool. That same evening, I took a bath and then saw my first firefly! Though May starts to get a little warm, I love all those things.
  3. The kids are done with school this coming Wednesday and those three days are all early release. It’s always sort of unsettling, how school just ends and even though I know it and can look at the calendar, it feels so abrupt nevertheless. This year is weird too because they begin camp right after school ends, which is apparent how it always it but it seems VERY soon after the end of the schoolyear to me.
  4. I think it’s this sudden change that makes me feel unsettled and restless, though I can’t quite explain it. I am not patient; irritated with traffic or simply my drive anywhere. It just feels like it takes forever and then I wonder, what I am rushing to anyway? Tuesday night I was super tired and unmotivated but mad at myself for not getting stuff done. So I forced myself to do dishes and put some things away and then I felt good about things. Did the same Wednesday morning in the scant ten extra minutes I had before leaving and wouldn’t you know? My life just felt so much better then!
  5. On Sunday, I wished my sister-in-law a happy Mother’s Day. I am trying to extend olive branches wherever I can. I never had an issue with her but if you recall, she and my brother-in-law are no longer speaking to my father-in-law because he voted for Trump. Stupid, I know. It’s really silly. But anyway, I try. She didn’t answer Sunday but she did on Tuesday and we had a really nice back and forth via text about parenting and our late July vacation to visit them! I am excited for that trip, even though it is very far away. We’re staying in an airbnb that is about .2 miles from their house so that’s going to be really cool, along with being there to celebrate their son’s first birthday.
  6. We are going to King’s Island on our summer trip and while I don’t like roller coasters, I am kind of excited to go. I do enjoy the atmosphere of them. Plus, since it’s in Cincinnati, there’s an actual Skyline chili in the park. I feel like I have to eat there, given the circumstance. It’s an Ohio legend!
  7. It has been super hot already but then today, our high is only 82. Weird. I mean, that’s typical for May here but it’s still seems odd. We have had a lot of rain though. Good for pool water level but bad for chemical balance.
  8. I’ve been having random flashback memories of summer stuff from my childhood: making homemade popsicles from Five Alive; the really hot days when my mom would bring out the Slip ‘n Slide and we’d do that all day while the dragonflies swarmed our yard but we didn’t mind them; riding bikes in the alleys of South Florida for hours and hours.
  9. I’m looking forward, I suppose, to when the kids are fully into the summer mindset, though they’ve already begun the process. You can tell as they try to stay up later, stop worrying about nighttime reading, and just have that lax approach to each day. Which I enjoy but also, want them to stay on top of things too. Just because school is out doesn’t mean we don’t still do chores and whatnot.
  10. I’m probably feeling the above because my mental to-do list for all these things coming up is extensive: make list of action items for my parents for this weekend when my daughter has a piano recital and my middle, a soccer tournament; take my son to apply at Publix; next week, go to the eye doctor on the same day as I have to take and pick up my daughter from and end-of-year party and take my middle for counselor training (camp); have one on one post-session meeting with boss; plan for various summer brewclub activities such as a group brew at my house and a river float; do yardwork(!); make airbnb plans for an October concert…and the list goes on!
  11. All I really keep thinking about is how I have time to relax at work but I’d much rather be relaxing on the beach somewhere. We have a day planned but it’s not until June. Until then, I’ll have to be content with sitting by the pool, which is also nice. It’s – knock on wood – staying clear and chemically balanced for now so, yay!
  12. I am eager to get through today so I can get my to-do list done: shopping at Target for some things, cleaning for my parents’ arrival, and packing for our weekend trip.
  13. And for my final point, I am going to put some positives out there re: summer and the end of school: I hope for my kids to finish with good grades, hope they al enjoy their summer activities (and potential jobs) and that we all have a relaxing few weeks away from the grind!

4 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – End of school/early Summer musings

  1. I was talking to our son about his daughter’s summer plans. She is 7. She has multiple camps and I was asking if he needed for us to keep her any. After he listed all of the camps, I replied that summer is now basically just two months – June and July. It goes by so fast!

    1. Yeah we have 10 weeks of camp and then there’s one more free week until classes start again. And depending on how the calendar days fall, it’s not even an entire week after camp ends. It’s crazy how long summer used to feel!

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