Random Tuesday – Liminal space

  • Do you ever feel like your brain is just overloaded with everything you have to do? I always see these memes about moms and their invisible and ever-present mental to-do lists and that is entirely true. Right now, I’m thinking about how I have to take Dakota to a piano lesson tonight and Isaac to fill out paperwork for his summer volunteer job. Wednesday, he has practice. Thursday I have to go to Target and then Friday we pick up the rental car and drive to Orlando. But not before I clean the house and put sheets in the wash for my parents’ impending arrival. That in and of itself is another thing: getting everything ready for them to be with the kids all weekend while we are gone. It’s a lot easier than it was when they were little but harder in other ways: they have to cart them around to more things now. It is always, always something!
  • Actually, Thursday should be good. Isaac and Ash are going to see the new Fast and Furious movie because my son’s been watching the old ones a lot lately. It’s nice that they’re going together. Kind of wish my oldest liked movies more; we’re always saying how we have to find things that he can do with us individually so we can keep up our relationship with him. Ash’s dad always went to movies with him and he says he enjoyed that time so much. For me, Elliot and I go to eat. Usually it’s sushi. Last week we had poke bowls. It’s nice when we do eat things the rest of the family doesn’t. I’m going to plan to take him to Rock n Roll sushi in the next few weeks once the kids get into their summer break.
  • Per my title, I do feel like I am sort of an in in-between state; the kids have one more week of school, work is slow, we have vacations coming up. So it’s a state of stasis. I plod along, day in and day out, and try to find happiness in the little things and in small victories. For example, while it wasn’t actually me, my husband installed a new keyless entry lock on our back door. It has codes and fingerprint access, which is pretty neat.
  • I was first to work again today, since I was a little earlier than 7:30. I don’t mind really. It’s kind of nice to just get the day started then leave later but before others. I’d much rather leave at 4. Some of these other people want to start their day slowly and come into the office by 9. No thanks.
  • I will say, with not much to do at work, I am less inclined to feel motivated to do my paper grading for my online classes. I get the work done, sure, but it takes me a bit to get the feeling like I want to. Again, liminal space.

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