MMMM + Four days to go

Given that we are still in breathing sigh of relief time after the craziness that was Session, it seems weird to go to work when there’s nothing to do. But I am working 7:30-4:30 all week but taking Friday off for a beer festival in Orlando. Anyway, I made it through the crazy/busy weekend and here’s a recap!

Friday, I took off at 1 and picked Ash up for lunch. We went to Bumpa’s and for once, they got his burger right! (no cheese). My salad was great. We went home and watched a movie, but don’t even recall which one. We were mostly waiting for the time to take our daughter to her dress rehearsal. We dropped her off at 6 and then went to a place we always used to go for beer but has since changed hands. It was nice, actually, to sit in the corner of this cozy place and people-watch. Sadly, she wasn’t done after an hour and a half so we knocked around Goodwill until they closed at 8, hit Target for a bit, then she still wasn’t done so I took Ash home then went back out for her, gathering her, finally, at 9:15. It all kind of worked out because Isaac was at a friend’s house and I gathered him along the way home.

Saturday morning, we got out for soccer at about 8:45 and of course, realized that all the chairs are in Ash’s car…which is in the shop – another irritating thing about the weekend. It had started making a weird belt-like sound Wednesday so he’d taken it in Thursday afternoon but the shop cannot replicate said sound and it didn’t seem like the alternator, which it did seem like to a friend of ours who works on cars. So, to this day, it’s still there and we’re trying to figure out what to do about it. Anyway, Isaac’s team handily beat the 9:30 opponents and then we went home so I could get gas and then stop into the store. We decided to eat sandwiches in between games, which solved that food problem. Went back for a 12:30 game, which was a girls’ team but much better competition. They weren’t particularly good but they were fierce. The parents were rude though and at one point, some of them got into a scuffle. One woman accused another of stealing her things (seemed inadvertent) and a ref literally stopped the game to let them argue. I mean, it’s one thing if people are throwing punches but let idiots bicker. Who cares? We steered clear of the drama and his team beat them 1-0.

I took the menfolk home then gathered my daughter. She stayed home to get ready for her first recital. Her performance group decided to be at both the 3 and 6 pm shows, so we decided to only watch the 6, since she was doing one more dance we hadn’t seen yet. In between 3 and 6, I got some stuff done in the house, including my normal Sunday laundry. The recital at 6 lasted forever and we weren’t home until well after 9 but it’s only once a year so there’s that. Came home and watched a movie and fell asleep!

Sunday, I got up and got things prepped for brewing and we were done with our milk stout by noon. I don’t know what it was but everyone seemed kind of contentious. Kind of irritating for Mother’s day, but we recovered. We went for Mexican, which was fun. The meal itself was good and everyone in my family adjusted their attitudes. We then hung around, drinking some beer and then swimming in the pool. It was on and off cloudy but sunny enough and the water is finally a good temp (84/85). All in all, a nice weekend. And now, here we are, back into the quiet cocoon of my office, where I will catch up on grading and other things until the weekend comes ’round again!


This week’s theme is one word song titles or band with one word. Easy!!

OK, here goes. Ambrosia is one of my favorite one-word bands!

And here’s a one word song:

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Four days to go

  1. Your MD’s weekend was a busy one but it sounds like you had a good one. Both song picks are either introductions or just plain forgot them. Ambrosia is a band I listened to but Sleep Token is a group I know you’ve used before, but I don’t know if you shared this song though. Thanks for joining the 4M dance floor. Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

  2. I know about Sleep Token from a satellite music station my husband likes to listen to but your song didn’t sound familiar. The Ambrosia song didn’t sound familiar, either, but it was quite pleasant. So, zero for two for me. Bet you are looking forward to that well deserved Friday off. Alana ramblinwitham

  3. I knew the first song but not a fan of the 2nd . You’re a busy mom but I bet they love you for it.

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