Friday Five – Time to slow it down

  1. Well, we made it: 60 days of session end today. Of course, we began working in December, technically. I was editing my first bills then and in January and February, we were coming home later due to committees and stuff. So it’s been a long time of long days but after today it is OVER. I will start working 7:30-4:30, hopefully, but then take only 30 min lunches and leave at 4. I need to recover some of my sanity.
  2. I have been so low-key overwhelmed. I mean, I have held it together but I am tired. And the idea of just breathing that sigh of relief when it’s over makes me realize how stressful this time has been. It’s a lot in a short period but then we can all relax. I hope it’s sunny later because I want to just sit on my deck and bake.
  3. My daughter must have brushed up against some plant because she has this rash and sometimes her body overreacts and she gets these streaky red marks. In the past, she got poison oak and had to get a shot. If it still looks bad later that is probably what my Friday afternoon will entail.
  4. It’s looking like the members might end earlier than I even anticipated so here’s hoping!
  5. I wish I had one more thing to say here but I don’t. I am just really tired and ready for some free time!

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