Thursday 13 – Almost Sine Die!

I am feeling particularly ready for Summer and a slightly slower pace of life so here are some random visages in my head and ideas I’m tossing around in the final hours of Session. Just random ideas today, everyone!

  1. I’ve written before how I get random images of places in my head for no reason at all. This morning, I am thinking about this one bend on Miccosukee road. I always thought it would be a good place for a brewery. It’s residential but there’s a couple small businesses: a local publisher, a dentist, and a sleep research center. But now that we don’t think we’d ever open a brewery, it doesn’t matter.
  2. I do think it would be cool to open a bottle shop though. One with tons of individual cans and bottles, great selection. I want it to be inviting too. The one we have is in the “wrong” part of town, i.e. most people who go in there are looking for a 40 in a paper bag and probably some questionable cbd products. The people who run it allow cans to be on the shelves far too long and just don’t worry about turning over product or getting new stuff in. Our shop would be fantastic.
  3. In the early morning hours, when the sun is just coming up, I’ve felt this sort of calmness wash over me, even though I have been stressed about this final week and long hours. We get a great glimpse of the sunrise here on the 15th floor.
  4. I’m hoping my friend wants to do something this weekend, since we’re free. Our other friend is out of town for soccer but maybe we’ll hang out. It’s definitely time to get back to being social!
  5. Though on that note (because I’m thinking about the beach), it’s time to get back to fasting and keto; I put on five pounds and I ain’t happy about it. Ash agrees but then, he’s a little annoyed that we do have to get stricter again. It always is a dichotomy: you want to lose weight and feel healthy but then the tightening up is a little depressing. But we can do it; just have to plan some more keto type things to get back to it and spark the interest and excitement once more.
  6. I HAVE been eating keto on Mondays and Tuesdays though that has helped a little.
  7. With the kids’ school year winding down (during the week of the 20th) I think we are all looking towards the summer. In fact, we have that sort of mindset; letting them stay up later. But it’s not over yet so it’s time to get strict for a little longer.
  8. I hit the breaking points with my oldest last night. Just tired of him being gone all the time. Since he gets rides with his friends to the gym, he leaves school with them but does all their errands and chores with them too and it’s getting out of hand. Yesterday, he left school at 2 but walked in my house at 8. So we had a real come to Jesus talk, the three of us, and I hope he sees that he’s beholden to his house and family first and foremost. And that he has to get decent grades and do stuff around said house before running off to do his own stuff. At least until he moves out!
  9. I didn’t bust my ass to get here early today and I remember why leaving the house at 7 is preferable: less traffic. I cannot wait until college kids and members are gone. Town is gonna clear out!
  10. Taco bar for lunch today in the office because as I hear-tell (rumors swirling round) the members want to blast through everything today, come in tomorrow to convene at 10, then press the buttons, drop the hankie, and get the hell outta here. Oh boy, I am almost giddy with excitement, thinking about having a free half day. Oooh boy. It’s been a long few months, you guys.
  11. I’m excited to make a post-session to-do list. I’ve actually already started one in a notebook I keep in the office and let me tell you: seeing the possibility of even getting to half of those things is making me so happy.
  12. If you read my blog at all you know I love HEAVY music but this past week, as I move into my summer/beach state of mind, it’s been Jimmy Buffett and beachy Country. I really love the laid back feel. Admittedly, once afternoon rolls around and I get a little sleepy, it’s back to blackened death metal.
  13. OK, tell me, my dear readers, one good thing YOU have coming up in your summer plans!

7 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Almost Sine Die!

  1. Big plans. Going to paint our house with the metal roof white (it’s stained cedar) going full Joanna Gaines look– cedar posts and I’ll strip the front door. We have some work to do on our rental property. Gardening. My daughter here with my grandson in July sometime. We have Harbor Days here with all our kids first week/weekend in August. Late August a family camping trip on Lake Superior. Our kids and grandson will all go in tents. Reminds me I need to make reservations at this one restaurant in Eagle River… Oh, and we’ll spend some time up on our camp near Lake Superior in the upper peninsula. hope your day is short tomorrow and your weekend nice.

  2. We’re going to be doing a lot of remodeling, beginning with the master bathroom. (Note that when I say we’re going to be doing it, I mean that we’ve hired someone to do it for us.) We’re making it so that I won’t have to make a step up to get in there, plus adding new tile and painting it. Other projects may be forthcoming…

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