Wednesday ‘Podge – Back to the office

1. Did you watch the coronation of King Charles III? Share some of your thoughts about that, or about the royal family in general. 

No and I really have no interest in any of that.

2. What are you the uncrowned queen of? 

Multitasking. Though I have this red flag in my head that I’ve called myself the queen of something but can’t remember what it is.

3. In a box of chocolates which one do you usually go for? 

Usually anything filled or sea salted.

4. Something learned at your mother’s knee? 

Patience. When to keep quiet. How to be fun.

5. ‘Like mother, like daughter’…in what way is this saying true for you? 

Hmm, we are definitely a lot alike but not in some ways; she’s way more outgoing than I am.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I didn’t write AT ALL Monday or Tuesday because I was rediscovering my home life. LOL. After Session, I just needed to decompress. The gavel dropped at about 11 Friday and we all high-tailed it out of here. It was so nice to get that time back. Went home then Ash and I had hibachi for lunch then came home to drink beer and just hang out. It was so nice to not have that pressure of knowing there was more work waiting for me. Saturday we had no plans so we puttered around, cleaned up, then ended up playing croquet with a set Ash had picked up at a garage sale. Then my neighbors asked us to come over so we hung out with them a bit until our other neighbors invited us to dinner then they came back to the house after. Busy busy!

Sunday I was feeling a little worse for wear but I made food and did laundry and around 1, we met a friend at Growler Country and I was feeling better. My parents stopped by for a bit then the kids swam.

On Monday, I called out “sick” but just caught up. We ate keto and didn’t drink and it was very nice! I did take my daughter to the doc for poison ivy (sigh) and then took Isaac to and from soccer practice. Yesterday, I was supposed to get an alignment but their guy had to go to the doc and so they never called back even thought they were supposed to. But that’s ok because I sprayed week killer and got end of year teacher gifts and made a lasagna for today then two different meals for the family! We took Dakota to dance, went to Isaac’s final band concert of the year then we all saw Guardians of the Galaxy 3. It was actually pretty good and nice to spend time as a family, even with my oldest!

Now I am back in the office and catching up on the stuff I typically do there like online grading and blogging. The interim will allow me plenty of time for that, especially when here. At home, I avoid my computer!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – Back to the office

  1. Sounds like a busy weekend, but it’s nice to have some solid family time. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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