Random Tuesday – Almost over!

  • This week is going to kick my ass. I had to be in at 6:30 yesterday and today though, admittedly, I got to leave at 5:30. I would much rather an early morning than a late night anyway. They have a lot of bills today though so I’m not holding out hope. If it’s 6:30 PM leave time, that’s ok, because I can still get my daughter from dance. Just three more days! Ok fine, four, but Friday could be a shorter day.
  • Cinco de Mayo threw up all over our office; there’s balloons and banners and llamas and tacos and all kinds of decorations. I asked my coworkers if they usually decorate this much and they said no, but this year they decided to be different. I like it! We’re also having a taco bar for lunch Friday once they Sine Die and everyone is thrilled. In fact, I think the people here are starting to lose their minds just a wee bit. But it’s been a looong 60 days (and even longer if you count the busy 5 weeks before.)
  • I tell you this much: there’s a case of Dos Equis amber with my name on it for when this whole Session is over. And this weekend? NO PLANS. I mean, we don’t even have a soccer game. I am going to do so much catching up! I think the others might garage sale with Ash and it’ll feel like the old days when we were a little less busy.
  • Last night was nice though. After I picked up Isaac, Ash and I took a walk with our daughter then we sat in the driveway a bit. Our weather has been amazing so it was a little breezy and cool as the sun set. These days I am living for those kinds of moments.
  • My allergies are BAD today. I am not normally the sneezy type; usually just scratchy and post nasal drip but I’m the one making a ton of noise in the quiet early-morning office with my sniffles. Let’s go, Zyrtec, start working!
  • I may not have as much comp time as I originally anticipated. I mean, I have a lot – well over 100 hours – but I also have 84 hours of vacations planned. Luckily, I will also have annual leave at my disposal. I wonder which one they’d rather I used for if I decide to take an hour here and there.
  • I don’t know what it is I am feeling; maybe it’s this ‘on the precipice of freedom’ thing but I have this odd almost-free feeling. This desire to get out and do or lay in the sun or just feel like myself a little more.
  • I even broke out the summer Country playlist. Some songs, like Kenny Chesney, just lend themselves to summer vibes!

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Almost over!

  1. Ah, some decent music for a change! Just kidding. I like most music: blues, country, rock, jazz, opera, symphony, blue grass, big band, 40’s. Not big on hip hop or rap, though I can dance to it in a pinch. And Disco never blew my dress up, as a friend of mine would say. Not real familiar with more recent stuff. My son played “ska” music he called it. Reggae can be interesting, I guess. Sounds like nice plans.

  2. I got stuck on the Cinco de Mayo decorations and food. I love Mexican food. Love the beer too.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Take time for you. ♥

    1. Yeah I am very excited for that holiday this year. Normally don’t care one way or another but the fact that the last busy day lands on it makes it better!

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