Sunday Stealing – One day I’ll do this on Sunday

1. My favorite sources for delicious recipes

Hmm, you know, I typically turn to Pinterest; I’ll do a search then click on the best looking photo.

2. If I had to repeat a day over & over, how I’d want it to go

These kinds of questions always get me because even though I am a creature of habit, I also like variety so in vague terms: I’d want my day to be pain-free, fun, exciting, and filled with good moments with friends and family.

3. Who or what has saved my life

I guess I have to say both my husband and music. And I hate to say music saved my life because no one band or song ever rescued me but if I didn’t have it in my life, I’d be a wreck.

4. Something I can never seem to start or finish

I can never seem to finish all the house projects! Little ones, I mean. We tend to get the big ones done.

5. How my taste in food has changed over the years

Generally speaking, I have always liked most foods. I haven’t gone in the direction of “Oh, I will eat X now” but more like, I won’t. For example, I prefer not to eat pasta anymore but I did love it when I was young.

6. The last time I cried

Pretty sure I was feeling quite emotional Wednesday morning last weekend and held back tears in my office.

7. The best parts of human nature

Ok that is way too hard! I guess that we really are all similar when it comes to behaviours’ it’s just that society can hide a lot of that.

8. Concepts and ideas that bend my mind

Lots but you know which one gets me? When traffic on the highway slows way down but then suddenly clears but it’s not like there was an accident. Why did it happen??

9. What I’m most likely to ask for help with

Hmm, something too high to reach, math, opening a jar, or figuring out some logistical things with schedules.

10. The story behind one of my scars

Do you remember when cable boxes were these big hulking things with a long cable that kind of resembled the first Atari? Like, it was black with wood paneling and a series of buttons? We had one and my dad would lay on a couch while watching it so the box was left there. I don’t know if I was playing around in that room with my sister of what but I jumped on the couch and this area right on the front of my shin got cut by the switch on top of that cable box and I have a pretty noticeable scar about 2.5 inches long to this day.

11. I’ve never said this out loud…

And I’m not going to now either!

12. Times I’ve been the leader/the one people count on

I guess I am the one who organizes all the comings and goings for our daily activities. Ash handles the big stuff. One time I was also the foreperson on a jury, so, the leader.

13. Whenever I see these people, my heart lights up

Hmm, I will say my parents. Because I see my husband and kids all the time so, sadly, I do sometimes take them for granted.

14. With my financial needs met, here’s how I’d spend my time

I would want to spend it learning new things and traveling.

15. The people I talk to when I want the truth

My husband! He’s painfully honest.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Stealing – One day I’ll do this on Sunday

  1. Regarding the truth question . . .I didn’t say Mark (hubby) because I have the hardest time taking criticism – even constructive criticism – from him. It just destroys me.

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