Wednesday ‘podge – Pre-Easter

1.What would you say is the most difficult task when it comes to spring cleaning? Have you completed that task this year? Any plans to get it done?

I would say any of the yard work. And in some ways we have. Ash has gone back to trimming the hedges, though we’re trying to get a friend of ours with a lawn service to squeeze that in for us. The lawns just got mowed (that’s why I have boys) but I need to trim back a lot of stuff. My elephant ears died in the December freeze but managed to come back, but I need to clear the old dead junk away. And I will probably be able to get that done this week because I get off early some days. (ETA, I wrote that Tuesday morning and in the evening, I did remove all that junk.)

2. Your favorite pastel color? Favorite thing you own in a pastel shade? 

I guess baby blue/light blue. And no, you won’t catch me in any pastels ever.

3. Do you like ham? Do you fix ham year round or is it mostly just a ‘holiday food’? Baked ham-ham and eggs-ham and cheese sandwich-scalloped potatoes and ham-Hawaiian pizza….what’s your pleasure? 

I love ham! I buy the lunchmeat all the time for the kids but we don’t often have a big ol’ ham like that. I liked baked ham and yes, ham and pineapple on pizza is dang good, despite the stupid internet fight about it.

4. Do you celebrate Easter? What did Easter look like when you were a kid? What are your plans for Easter this year? 

When I was a kid I feel like we did more because my mom and grandma really cared about it. Always had an Easter basket and a big meal plus church. For my kids, I never went all out. We normally hid plastic eggs for the kids and they get a basket. Plan this year include some baskets, maybe egg hiding (they’re getting a bit old now) and I am making steak tacos. LOL.

5. Something that makes you feel hopeful amidst all the chaos and confusion this world brings? 

That’s tough because you can really go insane looking at how bad things seem to be. I guess I just rest assured that I’m doing the best I can with my kids and it makes me at least hopeful that they can have a good life, despite all the other stuff.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

For those following along at home, I made an appointment with my lady doc for my annual. I was supposed to go into to see him on Monday but, well, good ol’ Aunt Flo decided Sunday night she’d finally show up. I had to reschedule so now I don’t go until May 1st but man, super annoying. I wanted to get in and talk to him about these pre-menopause issues but I guess it’ll have to wait. In the meantime, I guess I am relieved. I didn’t want to be a 44 year old mom. Three kids is enough, thank you very much. Though admittedly, a small part of me accepted that fate, had God seen fit to provide us that. And I would have made it work and been happy. But I also strongly believe that whatever is meant to be, will.

On the subject of kids, some high profile folks got arrested Monday night, as previously mentioned on the blog. They were pretesting the abortion bill and while I thought about it on my drive into work, I finally realized why I get so bothered by the on-going argument over the topic. So look, you’re free to kill a baby if you think that’s best for you. I mean, half those folks probably shouldn’t have them anyway. I personally would never do it. What bugs me though, is the dichotomy: most people on the left tend to vote with their hearts. Aww, the animals, save them! Aww, the homeless, save them! But when it comes to this, they’re like, babies? Nah, clump of cells! Throw it in the trash! And it makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t like to get political here so I want to make sure everyone knows I’m just trying to logically work through why this argument always ends in a standstill with the two sides. I believe that is why.

I got into work at nearly 7:30 because the members are gone! We get a slight reprieve since they get W-F off and don’t meet again until Monday. I got to leave at 4:50 yesterday! And today, I’m going to leave closer to 4:30. Regaining those few hours makes a gigantic difference in my life. Yesterday I went home and made taco salads after having not eaten for 30 hours and felt amazing. Ash and I went to Total Wine and then picked up our daughter from dance. I got some things done around the house. I even sat at the table with my boys while they ate! Yes, I felt like a real person again. Just a few more weeks and the crazy hours will go away. I cannot wait!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Pre-Easter

  1. Your kids aren’t quite old enough yet, but we have some friends who do a “beer hide” rather than an Easter egg hide for their grown kids. They buy fun beers and hide them all around their yard and their young adult children get to hunt them. I think rather than baskets, they gave each kid a cardboard six pack holder. I thought it was a really cute idea!!

  2. Keep doing the best you can for your kids. Charity and goodness starts at home, and since not many of us can influence huge crowds of people, we need to focus on being the best for the people that we do have influence over – our families. Who knows what great things our kids will do?! Have a great week!

  3. I think having children and raising a family is hopeful. Keep doing the best you can. I’m glad you’ll be going to see your doctor. Regarding your random thought-the hypocrisy in this country is really stomach turning. I hope you have a happy Easter and enjoy the day with your family.

  4. Hi,
    I agree with Joyce, having children and raising a family is hopeful. You are doing a great job, from what you share. 🙂
    I also agree with your random. Thank you for putting it in the terms that you did.
    Happy Easter,

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