Random Tuesday – Finally, some clarity

  • I chose to only eat one small keto snack Monday because I went pretty hard on food starting Friday at 10 when we had a brunch in the office. Then we went out to dinner that night. Saturday I only had one meal (Mexican) but we had beer and ice cream. Sunday I ate way more pizza than I should have and on top of all the beer? I thought it might just be time for a detox. And the difference it made! Wow! I feel lighter and like I can actually think today. Yesterday I was in a total fog and just felt sluggish and dumb. Stupid carbs; they’re the devil’s work.
  • So apparent last night, there was a protest against our new abortion bill (up to 6 weeks) and some prominent names got arrested (I’m talking ag commish and senate minority leader). This is the sort of drama I’m privy to here in this job and I just sit back and chuckle at these fools.
  • I am actually really liking this Night Agent show. One thing I think some people aren’t into is the fact that no one big-name is in it, if you don’t count T-1000 (Robert Patrick). But in that, it’s kind of nice. It’s just a good story and it’s started to pick up. I am recommending it.
  • My kids are pissing me off today; my middle boy is the responsible one and he isn’t answering his phone. My first reaction is to take the phone away but that hurts me more than him because then we can’t communicate! There’s always a catch…
  • You ever order something and think, where the heck is it? I got a patch from Etsy so I went to check its status and just now realized that I ordered from… Lithuania. Oh sigh; that ain’t ever getting here!
  • That’s all the random I have for you today; I’m actually going to go grade papers.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Finally, some clarity

  1. When you eat so many carbs you want more and more to eat. I try to avoid that too. I’m glad you feel better.

    Kids can drive you crazy. Bless their hearts.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

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