Friday Five – Just have to make it through April

  1. I’m trying not to feel left out; the kids are off school today and of course, Ash is always home on a Friday. We here in Bill Drafting knew we’d have to work longer today, since we have 6 pm deadlines for Monday but it was made worse by an email from the Speaker’s office saying he gave permission to supervisors to let employees take leave (yes, during Session, taking leave is only for specific emergencies, not just for fun). As soon as the email came in, my senior editor messaged me saying “I don’t know, RH will let us know what he wants to do”, deferring to our big boss. I had to leave at 4:45 so I didn’t see anything come through. Later, I asked a coworker and she said he didn’t say a thing but our senior editor made it clear we had to come in. Hmm, then why did she message me that?? So yeah, it is what it is. In my opinion, they could probably have us all come in half day then verify we could each be available at home to monitor anything that comes in from 4-6, since that’s typically when we get them.
  2. I guess I ought to be thankful that Tuesday through Thursday I got to leave around 4:45. Yesterday I stopped into the store and got sandwich stuff, then once we ate, went out to get the leaves from the pool, only to find that the bag that attaches to the thing was worn and wouldn’t attach. Got to the pool store 8 minutes prior to close and procured said bag! It was a productive night; we transferred a beer and I got things cleaned up before watching more of The Night Agent. I’m still liking it but their deferment to women (specifically where they have a woman save a man) is getting a little disproportionate.
  3. I’m excited to give the kids their Easter baskets this year. I didn’t put a lot in there but what I did, is specific. I got each of them a large bag of their favorite candy – Swedish fish, Sour Patch Kids, and Skittles, respectively – youngers got a bag of their fave chips (we just don’t eat that stuff a lot) and Ell got a box of protein bars, then they each got a Kinderjoy egg and a gift card – Robux for the youngers and Spotify for Ell. I think it’ll surprise the heck out of them and that’s what I wanted.
  4. Tomorrow is jam-packed but should feel productive: grocery in the am, pedi by 9:30, then take Isaac for a haircut and to pick out shoes for his birthday present. Then Ash and I have to go shopping for a new nice shirt for him, then we need to mill grains for Sunday brewing. Our reservation for the Huntsman is at 5. I’m excited!
  5. I signed up for the A to Z Challenge but then I had to bail. There was no way I was going to be able to write that much, even though I actually sit around all day waiting for work. Sounds crazy, I know. But I just didn’t have it in me; not feeling very creative. But I did get a new bullet journal and I brought my colored pencils and pens to the office so maybe I will find that spark and begin something soon.

One thought on “Friday Five – Just have to make it through April

  1. Happy Easter weekend. We were never really “churchgoers”, but I kinda miss Easter baskets for the kids. You’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to try bullet journaling. So many fun things, so little time!

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