MMMM + What a weekend!

While I may be physically present, it is taking me a bit to be here mentally. I slept ok but it was a busy weekend and I didn’t really take care of myself, if we’re being honest. But to backtrack…

For the first time since Session began, I didn’t have the 6:30 deadline; I had nothing on Monday Committee agenda or Special Order so I actually left at 5. Though I sat in traffic forever because some roads were closed due to the city’s annual Springtime festival. My parents were coming into town and got there before me even. But once home, we had a couple beers then decided to go to dinner at Bumpa’s, which was nice. We had a good time there and then came home to relax.

Next morning, I went with Ash early to his 10k. He did better than the time he wanted to hit so he was happy. This race always has beer at the end so we had a few then went home to shower and go to Isaac’s soccer game. Did that, then went for Mexican and had about two hours at home before Dakota’s dance performance downtown for the festival. She performed two songs and we were only there maybe 30 minutes, which was nice. We went home and watched the first Final Four game, which was awful. We did not watch the second; I took a Xyzal and fell fast asleep.

Sunday morning, I got up and began cleaning in preparation for our Group brew for the homebrew club. People showed up around 10, my parents came then and took the younger two to Costco, and no one actually brewed at our event! I guess everyone thought someone else would do it. Oh well; we had a bottle share instead, which is what we normally do at a club brew anyway but it was just that. We had pizza and lots of beer and socialized and by the time they all left around 4, I was EXHAUSTED. But couldn’t fall asleep. It was a long weekend full of activity and beer and people so you can probably see why I want to just chill in my office today. I didn’t even feel like myself on the drive in. Seems pretty quiet around here anyway; most people seem burned out already. We are in week 5 of 9 of the busy time and we get a slight reprieve today because members are gone W-F. I am looking forward to having a few days when I might be able to leave by 5!


OK songs about fragility or vulnerability? I know a ton of them but the only one that came to mind is this one:

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