Friday Five – Allergies, irrational fears

  1. Do you ever go along, minding your business, working hard and then – BAM – you have a realization that shit is hard and you gotta cry about it? Yup, that was me but, sadly, at like, 12:15 am. I certainly felt a lot better about it after but man, hormones/emotions are a bitch. I pride myself on being tough and pushing through but maybe I need to stop and realize when it’s time to just be. Even Ash said, “If you came home and did nothing at all, I wouldn’t care.” And I’m over here with a list as long as my arm with things I feel like I need to do since I’m out of the house, most days, 7-7. One. More. Month.
  2. Today, we’re having a brunch in my office because there were six people with March birthdays. I remember a while ago, our party planner asking me what my favorite color is and now I see why: she put balloons of each birthday person’s fave color over their door. Kinda cool but cracked me up because you know what I said: black, OF COURSE! Funny part is that I really hate balloons. No, they’re fine to look at but they give me anxiety because they could pop ANY SECOND. I know it’s an irrational fear so I look at today as immersion therapy. They have them all over the floor too so any second… any second. POP!
  3. So I told you how this local place wanted to put our beer on tap; we haven’t heard back after the one woman didn’t make the meeting but then said she’d contact us again. Well we have another opportunity now: a family who ran a food truck is trying to reorganize their business so they open a brick and mortar brewpub and they reached out to one of our friends/homebrewers to ask about maybe having us be the brewers. They’d take care of equipment and liscensing but we’d provide product. There’s many ins and outs here – one being that none of us would quit our full time jobs for that, I don’t think – but Ash is meeting with Tim and the other guy Monday so we’ll see!
  4. My parents are going to a funeral in Dothan today and then will come over here. We haven’t seen them in a bit so that will be nice. We have a full day tomorrow: Ash runs at 10k in the AM, Isaac has soccer at 11, and Dakota performs for the Spring festival in the late afternoon. Busy busy!
  5. So in the past, when allergies got real bad, I’d spring for the 12 hour Zyrtec instead. However, I find that it makes my mouth insanely dry and wears off quicker than the 24 hour. So, after maybe 9 hours when the 24 might run out after 23. Today, my eyes are itchy and stinging and I probably look like a druggie or something with red eyes. Fun times. I love Spring! Admittedly, our weather has been nice. Maybe a little cold for my tastes but I will be thankful for it when it’s 95 in July. Anywho, happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekends!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five – Allergies, irrational fears

  1. I’d say we both have a lot in common. I HATE balloons, especially that squeaky sound people make when they are making animals out of them or just messing with them. And I hate to fly. I guess I’m kind of an anxious person overall. But I also think I’m tough. I’ve never been non functioning in my life and I have a child with Downs Syndrome, my other son just went through testicular cancer at 29, I’ve had to care for my dad with Parkinson’s for three years, my husband has had some heart scares, we’ve had money issues at times. And I’ve managed to do what I had to. You will, too.

  2. p.s. I used to have seasonal allergies that were atrocious and would last days. Running like crazy. They sort of changed forms as I aged. That stopped. Now I get headaches. I did I used to use contac to stop it, but they discontinued it. Benadryl didn’t work as well for a violent attacks. Try Xyzal. There’s a drug I take now every night called Hydroxyzine that holds me, isn’t nearly as enervating as Benadryl, yet helps me sleep normally. Hope you feel better.

  3. I am also not a fan of balloons. A black balloon for your birthday – seems foreboding, ha!
    Good luck with the allergy wars. I’m managing mine “okay”, but currently share your druggie eyes.

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