MMMM + Thankful for the weekend because now it begins

Hey y’all, happy Monday. NOT. No, I am feeling ok. I was sad to see that I cannot, in fact, leave at a normal time today, though I thought I could. Turns out three bills I edited are on for day one, tomorrow, so I must stay. But Ash and I had a nice little weekend away that I’m fixin’ to tell you about!

Friday after work I got home and my mom was there, staying overnight before heading south to visit friends. We drank some beer and made tacos and it was a nice night. Saturday morning, Ash and I left around 7:45 to head to Tampa for a beer festival. We got into town around 12:15, parked at the airbnb and then Ubered to the park where the festival was being held. It was hot down there! We stupidly forgot to pack sunscreen but I borrowed some from people in line behind us. I still burned my neck but what can you do? We saw a lot of good beers from breweries we had never tasted so it was successful, I’d say.

We Ubered back to our little airbnb (which I’m pretty sure was illegal, as it had no windows) and took a nap before going back out later for some Mexican food. We were in a Hispanic neighborhood and literally passed three restaurants on the way to the one we picked. Food was decent; tacos were good but guac was a let-down. Cheap though. The next day we had a good plan: go to a little place called Rally’s that is a gas station but has a huge selection of craft beer and then to a little Whole Foods-esque place for the same. Timing all worked out well b/c Rally’s is 24 hours and Rollin’ Oats opened at 10; we got there right as it opened! Then we drove on to Gainesville, ate lunch at Chuy’s then hit one more bottle shop right as it opened at 1. All in all, a good little 48 trip (not even really; got home at 3:30 pm Sunday.)

As soon as we got home, Ash took the boys up to a friend’s house and I took Koda with me to the store and did laundry. I sat in my chair and relished in the freedom and comfort of being at the house… because I’m just about to start living in suite 1501, House Bill Drafting!


OK, four day music festival, pick headliners. Kind of tough because I love so many bands and oftentimes the festivals for the kind of music I like have a legacy headliner and the other new bands are also really good. So here goes:

Day one – Motley Crue

Day two – Iron Maiden

Day three – Ozzy Osbourne

Day four – Judas Priest

I feel like these four bands epitomize the heavy metal scene so they’d headline because they’d be the big draw. I’d probably parse out some lesser A and B-tier bands for the next few and then some others as the list goes on. I’m including a poster from Welcome to Rockville, which is the only festival I’ve been to. Only one video today because I feel like any song I picked wouldn’t do justice to the bands so just know that these guys would rock!

13 thoughts on “MMMM + Thankful for the weekend because now it begins

  1. You have such interesting weekends and this one was a get-away one, too. How nice! Heavy rock isn’t my forte but it’s fun to plug into it on occasion. DD#2 and her boyfriend recently went to Black Label Society concert where they met Zakk Wylde. She bought the guitar that Zakk used on stage that night for her boyfriend. They had a good time. I learned that he once played with Ozzy Osbourne. I figured this is something you’d appreciate reading about. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and for joining the 4M party. Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

      1. I was stunned when I realized how much I enjoyed Ozzy’s music and I sampled Zakk’s stuff to find he’s not bad, either. It’s just all in what you get used to.

    1. He is; this is totally a “what if” situation. He said he is done touring. It sucks too; I had tickets for his show 2 years ago but it got canceled then too.

      1. p.s. I had a chance to see Elvis but went to Florida instead with my boyfriend. Then he died… I actually have really broad music inclinations. I like almost everything except disco and rap (and an occasional song will get me dancing). THough I tend toward classic rock (a little bit of metal), blues, and country, bluegrass). I do love older music, too, big band, opera, classical symphony. Music is great.

  2. Your weeke d sounds like it was fun but, no windows? Yeah probably illegal:). I am not into heavy metal so I would pass on this event but you can rock out for both of us.

  3. You picked good bands. I’m hot and cold on metal; it all depends on the song, and I would have enjoyed some of the songs of the Rockville 2019 participants (Shinedown, Bring Me the Horizon, Papa Roach). No windows? Airbnb can be a crapshoot, based on experiences people I know have had, but at least you only rented it for one night. Cigar City Beer (well, a handful of their beers) is sold up here in New York State. Alana ramblinwitham

    1. Yeah Cigar City has a pretty far distribution. Your probably see Proof up there too, from Tallahassee. And yeah, not all metal bands are good but the ones I picked are pretty generalized.

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