Friday Five – Happy Effin’ Friday!

  1. I’d say in general, this was a pretty productive week. I managed to make dinner most nights, get kids to and from stuff (including a much-needed haircut for my bratty 15 year old) and I watched some shows with my husband. So I made everyone (generally speaking) happy.
  2. Wednesday was interesting though: the plan had been to have tacos. I got home and realized my cilantro had gone bad and I wanted it for guac so my daughter and I ran to the store. Got home and as I was getting out guacamole ingredients, decided I’d go ahead and start on the beef too. Well, turns out that when I asked her to grab a roll of hamburger from the deep freezer, she accidentally grabbed NY strips. We get our beef from a local butcher and all the packages look the same save for the stamp on it with the name. It takes about two days to thaw so we get ahead and yes, I should have double checked. So THAT was a mess because it meant a. no tacos that night and b. we had to make a plan to eat those steaks. She was DEVASTATED and worried Ash would be mad. I called him to let him know and we reorganized to have sandwiches instead, which also required a trip back to the store. So, trip #2, got turkey and a couple other things. Got home and made the sandwiches only to be greeted with turkey that was NOT good. SIGH. I went BACK to the store a third time for a refund and, honestly, they should have given me free turkey for how gross that was. But I was too tired to argue; I’d gotten home at 5:05 and at that point, it was nearing 6:15; I had to leave by 6:40 to take Ell to the barber and go up to get Isaac from soccer. But it worked out; I ate my sandwich and had just enough time to finally get out of my work clothes. I grabbed Isaac and had planned to just swing by and get Ell but he STILL hadn’t gotten his hair cut so I took Isaac home before getting my oldest. Still had to wait and then we went home to feed him, which is a whole other mess. He got home from school at 2:30 and didn’t eat dinner until 8:15 because he was too lazy to make something and then timing was all messed up. He and I have to have a come to Jesus about cooking/eating/being prepared. Really not looking forward to it.
  3. Going to a brewfest this weekend; quick trip. Calm before the storm because session begins Tuesday. Going to need a lot of fortitude to make it 60 days of late nights. Though I made it through about five weeks starting in January so I mean, it CAN be done. I might be a quivering mess by the end of it but by God, I can do it.
  4. On Thursday I got off work at 3:10 to drive to the middle school and get Isaac for his MPAs, which is an assessment for their band to make sure they can be in the classification they are. We went home, changed into his nice clothes, then went to Leon. They performed three songs and then had to do a blind sight reading assessment, judged by a music professor from Jacksonville. Well, I thought they sounded just ok but in the end, they got the highest rank of superior! I was so proud of those kids. Last year, when they first began, they were, of course, awful. By the end of 6th, they’d really improved and now, more than halfway through 7th, concert band is actually quite good. I am so glad he decided to do band; I never did but wish I had.
  5. I want to leave early today but since I don’t know if members are going to send us an influx of bills, it’s hard to tell. I guess I’ll play it by ear!

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Happy Effin’ Friday!

  1. My kids played in the bands and jazz bands in junior high and high school and my daughter teaches band in Marionette, WI. I miss those days of concerts and those competition things. Now my daughter takes her students to them. Enjoy it.

  2. Bad turkey… eww, gross! What’s really bad is when it goes bad in the refrigerator and you can’t find it to throw it out. Smells like you have a corpse in there…

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