Writer’s workshop – Headbang ’til you puke

1. Tell us about the last concert you went to.

If it’s all the same to you, I don’t want to talk about the last one so I’ll go back one more to last April. I was super into Ice Nine Kills at the time I found out about the Trinity of Terror tour – INK, Motionless in White, and Black Veil brides – so I got tickets. I am super NOT into that last band. Andy Biersack is cute and all but I cannot stand his voice. So anyway, Motionless had been in my orbit a while – like a couple years. I was into some of their songs but hadn’t made time to listen to album upon album. So in prep, I did listen and by April 22nd, I was ready for the show! I’d booked a cute little studio airbnb about one mile from the venue – walkable!

Ash and I drove over Friday morning, stopping in Jacksonville for lunch and a couple beers. We then moved onto St. Augustine. We had some time to kill so we went to two breweries then checked into our room. And it was just a room – a studio. But all we needed for two nights. Well, as the show neared, we’d drank a few more beers and got dressed (I have a concert outfit, of course).

Ash took this pic of me as we waited in a long line to get into the Amp. I’d already had quite a bit to drink, not gonna lie. We chatted with some teenage girls in line who reminded me so much of my younger self, it’s not even funny. We then stood in the merch line – I got two shirts – and took our seats, which were pretty good, actually.

INK’s stuff is all based on horror movies so here’s Spencer as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, which is I guess, a horror movie? I don’t know; when I saw it I laughed a lot. I might have a problem in my brain but when the ATM says “feed me a stray kitten” I cracked up.

Anyway, I thought they were great but Ash was less than impressed. Because they use a lot of sampled sounds from movies, he was convinced they weren’t actually singing. And when my husband gets on an idea, it’s hard to get him off it. BUT, since he was so annoyed at INK, he was super impressed when Chris and Motionless in White came on and it was clear they were singing and they were GOOD.

I was in heaven when they sang Another Life; but going back to the videos I took, it reminded me that I keep telling myself NOT to sing along when recording bands. I hate how I sound and it ruins the videos! We hung around for one BVB song and then decided to leave. I was tired and honestly, if I don’t know any songs, I don’t stick around to just hear music. So we started our walk back. I thought I was doing ok but nope – it was puke city on the walk. Luckily, my husband is THE best and he helped me out. I immediately passed out once back to the room, though he tried to get me to drink water. We NEVER get so drunk like that, honestly. I am a seasoned beer drinker who knows my limits. At least, I thought I did.

My husband was in the bathroom sick later on in the night so by then, maybe 3 am, I was a little better and helped him. We both passed back out and slept until probably 9 am. I nursed a coffee and pounded water and then we decided to park and walk St. George street in downtown St. Augustine. I’d been a couple years before with Isaac’s class and then before that, hadn’t been since Ash and I went before we got married!

We wanted to hit the breweries but I was not feeling the beer, let me tell you. So we went to a greasy burger place – which helped immensely with stomach and headaches – and then walked around a while. We did end up having some beer at the different breweries and by afternoon, I could handle it.

All in all, it was a good experience. I briefly met up with a woman I’d met through a Facebook Ice Nine Kills groups and to this day, we chat on messenger. She lives in Atlanta so at some point, I’ll probably go to a show with her there; timing just has to be right.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – Headbang ’til you puke

  1. Look at you two living like a couple of young kids again! So awesome that you both enjoy similar music and concerts together. 🙂

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