Writer’s Workshop – The little things

3. Write a blog post about something that made you smile this week

This week has been tough, you guys. With the exception of Monday, when I left at 5:30, I’ve had to stay until 6:30 every evening because of Committee meetings. I have been burning the candle at both ends; getting little house things done in the 10 minutes I have in the morning, in the evenings after picking up kids and making food and putting laundry away and way past time I’d have already been sitting in my chair.

But something that made me smile is, last night, when I had left my office at 6:30, driven to one soccer complex to acquire a child and then to another complex to acquire a different child, and then onto the girl scout leaders’ to grab additional cookies, my husband had a beer poured and ready for me on the island next to what he knew I’d be doing as soon as I got home: making food for the two who had been at practice. It such a nice gesture and much needed. I’m not saying beer is the answer to your problems but I can’t hurt!

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – The little things

  1. My husband recently picked up a beer to go with dinner, but only one beer…for himself. So I’d say you got yourself a real winner there!

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