Friday Five – Brief respite but not for long

  1. Ah Friday, a day to relax. NOT. I will probably have some drafts come in WHILE I am driving away from this place and to a brief but hopefully fun weekend getaway. Ash and I are visiting my cousin and his wife, about 5-ish hours away
  2. I drove to work feeling in a good mood, even though my oldest is going through something but won’t tell me, so he’s being petulant. I think it’s friend drama based on what little he’s said, but he’s wanting to avoid school. Then he broke his phone (ok, someone dropped a weight on it) and so he’s stressed about that. It’s a lot at once, I suppose. He is trying to balance a part-time job, school, the gym, and a rapidly-growing friend group. Welcome to being a teenager, kid!
  3. On top of that, I got an email saying my middle boy’s bus was running 25 minutes late. To be safe, he went out at the normal time and it was already arriving! Thank God he chose to be early. And on top of THAT my husband left for a run at a particular time and should be home by now, which makes me worried that the leg pain he was having the other day is serious and he may be walking. I know I worry too much about things out of my control but as the mom, I feel like all of this falls under my jurisdiction, you know?
  4. All I really want to do is write this fanfic I am working on. Details shall not be divulged here but writing is what I do to get my mind straight when it’s overloaded with all this, you know, life stuff. I have to keep moving, like a shark, so I edit a bill, grade a paper, write a few lines. It’s cathartic.
  5. There’s a particularly straight-laced woman in my office and I think she’s starting to realize that she and I are not cut from the same cloth. She’s super bookish (hey, I read too) but like, a rule-follower and, frankly, boring as hell. But she came in when I was listening to music and as I took my headphones off and she heard it, she looked shocked. Then, randomly, she asked my favorite color. I told her I’d give her the answer people like to hear (blue) and then the real answer (black, obvs). She’s like, that’s not a color. Little does she know that her being freaked out by my personal choices just makes me happy and warm on the inside. I love scaring people like her. OK, that’s it for me y’all. Out in 45 and onto my weekend!

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