Random Tuesday – Making mistakes and learning, looong week

  • I feel out of sorts this week but I think it’s the impending uncertainty of my life with this new job. My boss reminded me I always have to be vigilant in case something comes in as a rush. The way members are with their bills, you never know. This weekend, I can be available somewhat when we’re out of town but at the same time, I am worried about weekends going forward. I DO have to be able to get on the internet and check if something is a rush. I have crafted my life for a long time where I don’t have to do work work on weekends. And obviously for this one, it’s just until May.
  • I hate when I get into a funk I can’t seem to break from. I don’t want to do anything and yet, I obviously have to. Tuesday-Thursday I don’t leave until 6:30 because I have bills on committee meetings the days after. I mean, I am earning so much comp time, it’s ridiculous. Session hasn’t even started and I already earned a full forty hour work week in time off. I can’t wait until May; I am SO not going to work on the 8th and I am guessing no one else will. LOL.
  • Last Monday, when I regained a little bit of personal time, I went outside with my daughter and watched her ride her bike. I know she really loved that I was home when she got out of school. But I was thrown back to a time when my kids were younger and that was a pastime of ours: sitting in the driveway while they entertained themselves with bikes, scooters, sidewalk chalk, etc. We ALWAYS did that when my parents came to visit too. But then they got to an age where a. they didn’t play like that as much and b. if they did, didn’t need as much supervision. Strange how quickly things shift.
  • And I’m still not over my son being gone with friends all the time. He’s always been someone who had friends who wanted to hang out but not THE most popular. But not he has a huge groups of dudes. It’s weird but also, expected. I want him to have a friend group and his own life. That’s what young people are supposed to do so they move out of the house and begin their own lives. But still, it seems weird!
  • I totally screwed up this morning; I put my kids’ dentist appointment on the calendar at work weeks ago… except I didn’t put it on the shared calendar so they were like, “Um, where are you?” So dumb. I thought I had it all figured out but nope! I am still learning. I did talk to one of the other drafters who is new and she said she did the same thing the other day. They’re pretty understanding about that so long as you aren’t legitimately trying to skip out on work.
  • I honestly cannot get enough of Sleep Token. Do not sleep on that band, people. So so good. I mean, yes, The Summoning is amazing but check out Chokehold and Granite. Or even Alkaline. It’s so dynamic and interesting, I just want to listen to it all day.

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Making mistakes and learning, looong week

  1. The last few years of working I was on call 24-7. Never had time for anything but work. I’m so glad that’s not the case anymore. I know, hurry up May.

    Kids do grow up so rapidly. My son is 53. Hard to imagine.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

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