MMMM + I’m physically present; mentally?

Yeah when that alarm went off at 6:20 this morning it was one of those ‘bolt upright and wonder where I am’ kind of mornings. I’m guessing it’s just a Monday thing. BUT I feel like I did have a pretty good weekend. So, Friday after work I hightailed it to the store to snag snacks and dinner for the kids because we had a bottle share for Brew Club. Pretty fun; most of the regulars came out for it and we were home around 9. I definitely don’t remember what we did afterwards; probably just watched a show or two.

Saturday morning, I got up with the intention of puttering around the house and catching up on things. Elliot had to be to work by 8:45 and Dakota had a 9 am game so I did what I could in the short time before. Her team crushed their opponents and it really is too bad there’s only one more because the kids finally figured out how to trust each other. After the game she had to go to work a Girl Scout booth. Originally, we were just signed up for Sunday but they need 2 girls per booth and as of Friday night there was only one. So I kindly volunteered us. I dropped Ash off at home and I went up there with her for most of it, leaving by 11:30 and tagging Ash in so I could go home and make burgers. Essentially right after we ate, Elliot was done reffing so I got him and he picked up food and then I did more house stuff and took a brief nap. Originally, our neighbors had made tentative plans but they hardly ever follow through so we set something up with an old friend of ours and his girlfriend.

At 5, Ash and I went to Brass Tap for a couple beers (we also ran into someone we knew and chatted) then at 6, went to a Mexican place there in midtown we’d been wanting to try but are never open for lunch. We only waited at the bar about 10 mins before we were seated and we had a lovely meal. It was nice catching up with him and getting to know his girlfriend. Previously we’d only talked to her at our Christmas parties. The food was really good too and actually, not that expensive. I mean, a carnitas taco loaded with meat for $4.50? Not bad. We left around 9 and went home to, again, chill and watch stuff.

Sunday morning I wanted to get started on stuff since we had that second booth. I began laundry and general cleaning and then took her to the booth at 10 and did my grocery shopping. I definitely did not stay for that one; I did some grocery shopping and went home. I feel like I was actually pretty productive in the time I had. The day progressed quickly as I blew all the leaves off the pool cover and off most of the good grass we have. At 3 our Brew Club friends came over to bounce some ideas for upcoming things and were gone before 6. I wanted them to leave earlier but eh, they have no sense of “the right time to go” I guess. All in all, a nice little weekend. Nice to not have too much going on, really. Next weekend we’ll be down in Vero Beach visiting my cousin and his wife. Not sure what to expect. In the past couple years when we’ve run into them for events, we’ve had a good time. They’re super into antiques and very patriotic yet bleeding-heart liberals so I mean, so long as we avoid political talk, it’ll be cool!


Today’s theme can go in many directions (Celestial as in the sky/outer space or belonging to or relating to heaven or relating to anything supremely good/beautiful.) and I’m just going to go with songs that roll after the first one I thought of, which was Ambrosia:

3 thoughts on “MMMM + I’m physically present; mentally?

  1. You had a busy but a good weekend. I was not nearly as busy but I’m happy with that. Ahh the hair bands…the lastbone must be a big hair vand from the time of my youth.

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