Friday Five – of headaches, long day ahead, and jobs

  1. I woke up feeling pretty rested, though on my way into work realized I have a weather-related headache. They said it’s supposed to be rainy this morning then will clear but I don’t see it at all. Here’s hoping it’s just a nice, sunny day. That goes a long way in changing my disposition!
  2. Last night felt rushed but I also got to leave work at 4:50 so that helped. Got home and started making guac and tacos, then we took Koda to girl scouts, ate, then went back for her. Drank some beers and did, well, not much else. I am always so exhausted after work, I’m not getting a lot done aside from cooking.
  3. So, in boring, mundane, domestic news, I normally buy Bounce free and clear dryer sheets but Publix was out so I got another brand’s free of dyes and perfumes (can’t remember which one) but clearly, they are NOT entirely free of stuff because I am super itchy and my daughter is having a reaction on her face. Funny thing about hers it is is just on her face. But she realized how she pulls her shirt over her head and then paired with the new thing and my itchiness, that has to be it. It’s kind of annoying when you get those things because figuring out what caused it can be a real pain. I ordered the right ones and they should be here before laundry day but I am temped to just wash every one of the shirts she typically wears; pretty sure it was two Sundays in a row I used them.
  4. My son decided to bail on Spring Soccer, which was both sad and a relief. It would make Saturdays a lot busier, especially with him and Isaac potentially not having the same out of town tournaments. He just wants to go to the gym but I told him that if he stops going for longer than a week during the soccer season, he’ll have to go back to running every other day. I guess at this age, I have to let him make his own choices!
  5. I got a second course for one of my online schools and and I DO NOT want it. LOL. So, we can teach 10 total sections in a year, which means four of the terms I teach two and two terms I teach one. At least, that is how I like to work it. I wanted only one this time because of session and I knew money would be ok. But then when they sent that I figured, why not? It’s all money – I can just save and it’ll be good over the summer. I think time management has been the most difficult thing for me with this new job. But I am getting the hang of it!

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – of headaches, long day ahead, and jobs

  1. Here I go sticking my nose in again. It’s great to keep kids active and your approach is fine with some kids, but I’ve seen this backfire spectacularly several times. And the backfire seemed to last a lifetime. Just be careful, because he won’t feel good if it’s your self-discipline and not his. This applies to school work, make them do it, but be careful you don’t do it for them or their successes don’t feel like theirs —health habits, almost everything. My kids were in their late twenties before they really developed their own healthy exercise habits, but I gave them a good role model–their dad not so much. But they are taking after me now. The same problem can happen if you force healthy diet choices–they want to do what they aren’t supposed to. Again, if you can do it more subtly, it’s better. They’ll likely pick up your good habits soon enough. Usually. Meantime, any self-discipline they start developing feels like theirs and not just because you made them. Still, people in my generation were more physically active because that’s how we socialized–got baseball or football games organized. I rode my horse or played basketball with kids in my driveway. No computers to be stuck on full time. I would limit that and hope they fill in with more healthy alternatives. So that IS a challenge, I know. Unsolicited advice I give my own daughter who has a six year old. Uh, oh, almost seven here. Parenting is no easy task–usually it comes down to outsmarting them and that is no easy task, either.

    1. Oh yeah I had to really pull back on food. My middle and youngest don’t mind the keto-ish foods we have around but my oldest fought it hard. Now that’s he’s bulking or whatever, he’s doing his own macro counting so I just stay out of it.

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