Writer’s workshop – Carrot to keep going

5. Write about something you are looking forward to

There’s actually a lot of stuff I am looking forward to, such as a trip to see my cousin next weekend, our Panacea beer fest in March, our ten day vacation in July! But the one that just came up Tuesday is a concert!

I wish I could put into actual words how much I love being at a concert. It’s such a refreshing experience for my soul. Immersed in the sounds, the loudness, the crowds. I don’t know; it just gives me the oomph I need to keep going in life. Once I go, I’m reinvigorated. Sounds dumb, I realize. But I just love it. And normally, I HATE crowds.

So I was not going to even bother looking at the dates for the newly-announced Ghost w/ Amon Amarth tour because SO many bands I like have recently dropped tour dates and none of them can I go to. Lorna Shore sold out, Slaughter to Prevail is on a Tuesday during a busy time, and Bad Omens is too far. But I chanced it and saw Ghost will be in Jacksonville on a Wednesday, but at the at end of August.

There’s a lot of factors at play here: do I want to go alone? It’s usually women who attend this band’s shows, not gonna lie, so it’s relatively safe. Half of them also go alone. My husband swore off concerts – he hates live music – but then he decided he would go if his friend from work went, since the guy mentioned he too was considering it. So he said if I booked the stay and got the tix, he’d go. And now his friend is also going so, yay! Maybe that alone will make it bearable for Ash.

This will be my third time seeing this band. In 2017, they opened for Iron Maiden so we obviously got a very short set but I was smitten. Then I took Isaac with me to see them in December 2018 in Jacksonville. It was a small 1700 person theater. This time, they’re doing this covered yet outdoor venue that seats 5550! The difference in both crowd capacity and ticket price is astounding. I paid 20 dollars last time. Ok, it might have been 36 but even still, I got middle-of-the-road seats for 84 plus fees this time.

I am so excited but know it’s a long time from now. So it’ll be one of those things I sort of forget about, remember, forget, and then, as it gets closer, it’ll be there as a reason to push through.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – Carrot to keep going

  1. I have a sister that is a huge concert fan too. I’m more like your husband I think, but I feel bad for people who want to go to concerts and are nervous to go alone. I wonder if their are Facebook groups that might connect folks that want to go together. I hope it’s awesome!

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