Friday Five – Rainy, headachey day

  1. (Thursday) I really have way too much to do to go writing a blog post and yet, here I am. I have edited some bills and graded a couple papers, but I am tired today. Well, not so much tired as just sort of unaware. Like my brain can’t catch up. The Cuban coffee helps, as well as some music (I’m descending into Motionless in White madness!) but I cannot think as clearly as I’d like. I’m too distracted by all the things I have running through my head, from what I need to get done at home/for my family, work things, and my distractions a.k.a. bands. Sigh.
He’s a delightful sin I wouldn’t mind committing

2. Friday now and the weather is trash; rainy but not heavy – just a slight drizzle and it’s getting colder. At least that’s good for my pool. We’d been having issues with the breaker so every time the pump came on it would run for a bit then trip it. So many days it wasn’t running/circulating water and when you have 40,000 gallons and it gets warm again, that’s bad news bears. But Ash replaced it yesterday and now it’s been running all night. I love marking those kinds of things off the to-do list.

3. Last night, I met my two good friends up the street at our favorite sushi place for dinner. It was SO good! We had crab rangoon and edamame and we each got a big roll and a small one, since this place does the second small one for free. I had beer and they drank wine and we just caught up. We all have other friend groups but we always come back to one another since we’ve been mom friends for a long time. (2006 I believe.)

4. I have obviously been listening to a lot of music and sometimes youtube will queue up a band tangential to the others I listen to and in that, I’ve rediscovered the newest Ghost album. I wasn’t very keen on it at first because it has a very different sound than their older ones. Meliora was their best, in my opinion. It had this feel about it that was just…perfect. But this new one felt like Toby got lazy in his songwriting and the themes were a bit tired. But I feel like there really are some good ones on Impera. If Monday is a freebie, I will post some.

5. I don’t know what the rest of Friday has in store for me but I know I’m plowing through work, I’ve chatted with some coworkers, and the sun is supposed to come out later. Tomorrow we might have a fire in the evening with the neighbors. We’ll see. All I know is, if it’s a nice sunny day, I’m going to consider it a good weekend!

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