Writer’s Workshop – Work hard, play hard

4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: play

When I was a hormonal teenager, I was particularly squicked by people saying this word; obviously we use it to say ‘play a game’ or ‘play some music’. But I remember being in middle school and it being used in a more sexual way like the Motley Crue song, Livewire: ‘Come on baby/Gotta play with me/Well, I’m your live wire, yeah’

But of course, you grow up and stop being damn immature and words are just words. So the connotation moved to children: ‘set up a playdate’, ‘take the kids to play on the playground.’

These days, I associate it with the way I balance my life, per my post title. I want to work hard and play hard; I want to earn adult playtime (no not like that, get your mind out of the gutter – LOL.) For most adults/parents, we ‘play’ in ways such as: watching sports, going out with friends to drink/eat, taking trips. We don’t have that same youthful willingness to be creative and imaginative so we have to ‘play’ the ways that make sense in our lives. For me, that’s hanging out with people I enjoy, drinking good beers, taking trips to fun places. I also really like going to concerts. If you wanted to say that the height of a child’s happiness is pure unadulterated playtime, then for me, it’s being in the middle of a pit of like-minded people who all love a band and their music, our ears filled with the music, our hearts full. It’s definitely time for a show; two of my fave bands – Lorna Shore and Slaughter to Prevail announced tours and are coming within 2 hours of me in April. Can I go? Nope. I wish. Both venues are only 500 people and that kind if intimate show is so cathartic.

So yes, that’s how I choose to ‘play’ these days. It isn’t super exciting but it will do.

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