MMMM + I really don’t know anymore

I’m overworked, y’all. I had so much hope that the weekend would be restful but I ended up doing a bunch of large house projects and working on, well, work stuff. I didn’t even get much ahead, sadly. I have 25 drafts in my inbox that must go away this week. I got a little discouraged because we have to work late all this week and I told my boss that I figured out Tuesday (had previously asked to leave at 4:15 when we have to stay ’til 6) but then asked if I could go by 6:30 Thursday when our leave time is 8. But she reminded me of how much work I have but then complimented me saying the stuff I’m finding in my edits is far advanced for someone who’s been here as short a time as I have. But then, I have to find the balance in being cautious and specific in my edits but also, move quickly enough. I haven’t figured out the sweet spot – the perfect amount of time to spend on each one. And in that, it varies because they are different lengths and complexities. Sigh.

Again, I am trying to hold it all together and balance my life: make sure the kids are happy and fed, and the same goes for my husband. Then also, make time for things that make me happy, like music and reading and writing. Never before has it felt so true that there aren’t enough hours in the day.

That’s all the recap I really have for you so let’s do music.

The theme is love songs so I guess I’ll pick one. I mean, there’s a lot of those I’m into but I’m going to pick this one because it can be interpreted many ways, and I had said I was going to share a newer Ghost song.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + I really don’t know anymore

    1. OK SO, we have committees within the legislature that handle subsets of governance (transportation, environmental, etc) and they meet ALL February. Regular Session goes March 7-May 5. it’s busy now because our Governor, love him as I may, called a special session NOW. Typically they don’t do it at crunch time.

  1. You will find your niche in the workplace I’m glad she complimented you on how well you are doing. I have a relatively new job( I was a Crecit counsellor for over 30 yrs before they told me they are restructuring and waved bye bye). I am now an Insolvency Counsellor , started last April, but still work over my regular hours. It’s crazy busy! Love the song you chose. You will do fine !

  2. Interesting song by Ghost. A little more mellow than I was expecting.

    Your employer is lucky to have you. The speed will come, but it sounds like you have the technical advantage over everyone.

  3. I agree with Alana – work/life balance seems so much harder for us working women for sure! Hang in there, my friend. At least you got an awesome compliment (as you should!!) so there’s that. 😉 Great song choice!!

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