MMMM + In over my head…maybe

Man, I was in some kinda weird mindspace Friday; I felt like I suddenly wasn’t getting this job but nothing particular told me as such. My boss said I’m doing fine. And I know her tone in the emails to us all is because it is, as she said, “A dark time for house bill drafting”. Just A LOT happening. I went from six to 18 drafts over the weekend. And that accounts for moving four out. Sigh.

Anyway, when I got home Friday I was still mad about the whole meeting thing for some of the brew club EC and though our prez said I was welcome, I chose to stay home. So I drank some beer, edited for an hour, listened to music. And when Ash got home, I was happier. We drank some beer and I think we watched a movie, though I cannot remember which one. Oh wait! We watched the 70s Dolemite. It was… BAD. I dropped my oldest off at a friend’s and we slept. I was straight worn out

Saturday, I got started slowly, picked Elliot and took him to work, then put in two hours of work before we went to Dakota’s soccer game. Her team should have scored (it ended 0-0) but she played amazing; we were really proud of her! I made tacos in the afternoon, my oldest rode his bike to a friend’s house (we rarely see him anymore!) and we got a few things done. I have small things in the house irritating me, like our pool pump that keeps tripping the breaker. Sigh. That night, we watched a Charles Bronson movie until about 6:15 then made a fire. We had a nice time outside with the younger kids, just listening to music and playing around. It was nice.

Sunday I felt motivated and we had planned to brew. Got that going then I cleaned my kitchen sink, the stovetop, swept and washed the floor. Once the brew was done, I got started on laundry. We’d planned to have our typical Sunday hamburgers but the meat was indeed bad. In November, the temp sensor on one of our deep freezers went out and so the bottom (somehow) started to thaw. The second layer of meat was fine but the bottom, not so much. But that’s ok; I ordered pizza. I wasn’t feeling great but I put in an hour of editing. In the 2nd quarter of the first football game, our friend and his dad stopped by for a bit, so that was nice. The games were not good, in my opinion. I’m not a Chiefs fan (though I AM a Kelce fan) so eh, not pumped for Superbowl. I guess it’s cool that the Kelce brothers will be in it together.

I’m focusing on being more organized about my drafting process today; making a chart/checklist and getting my head straight.


Love me a freebie week. I’m going to share a Motionless in White song I only just discovered (it’s 5 years old.) I love Chris; he’s such an enigmatic frontman, and somehow unconventionally attractive. If yelling isn’t your thing, just wait until the chorus; it’s clean lyrics. (i.e. not screaming; not ‘clean’ as in ‘not filthy’.) I’m also sharing two Bad Omens songs because they’re dang good and I only just got into them.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + In over my head…maybe

  1. I grew up outside Philadelphia so its Fly Eagles Fly for me : ). I like the brothers story though and can’t imagine how their mom feels. I saw a photo of her in a jersey that had one Eagles sleeve and one Chiefs sleeve. I think it might at least be a good game. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Din’t care much for Motionless in White, but thought Bad Omens were pretty good.

    I think I’m the only white heterosexual cisgendered male in the United States who couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl. All I know is that, when it’s over,Spring Training is right around the corner…

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