Friday Five – Cold, tired, annoyed

  1. Well people, we made it to Friday. This was a very long week but as with all odd time things, looking at it now, it went sort of quickly. Last night I got to leave at 5 and I basically walked in, started making chili for my husband, then went to the grocery store. I’d planned to make this dill dip to eat with cauliflower but of course, the directions said to refrigerate for 2 hours. So I didn’t end up eating that. I made sandwiches for the kids and then one for myself. I sat down, finally, around 7:15, though got back up to do a bit of laundry and then I worked on transferring photos from my phone. We then watched Dolemite is my Name, which was pretty good, actually. Eddie Murphy is always good though.
  2. Two of the other EC folks from Brew Club asked Ash to meet them tonight to talk about an upcoming event but they did not invite me. Ash figures it’s because one guy’s wife isn’t coming BUT she isn’t technically on the committee but I am. So it’s annoying that I was not invited. It’s BS and I don’t want to go if I’m an afterthought anyway. Of course, Ash went and asked about it but now I REALLY don’t want to. Sigh. All I wanted was to go home and drink beer with my husband; they’re going to a liquor lounge. I may have jumped the gun and gotten irrationally emotional about it but it has been A WEEK. Of course now, I can’t go back in time and take back silly, childish things I said. Ash says the guy’s fine with it but I mean, I don’t think I’ll go. I hate situations like this. Dumb on my part.
  3. Today seems to be going quickly but I am sure I’ll hit a wall at some point. I only have a couple bills in my queue right now but I am sure it’ll fill up. But when? 3 PM? Right before I leave so those are hanging over me this weekend? Granted, I earn leave for extra work but I also have to, you know, make the time to sit and edit.
  4. I can’t seem to get past this funk now; I’m working and whatnot but just ugh. Maybe it’s just the end of a long week. Maybe it’s just me feeling weak. Sometimes at work I have imposter syndrome; like I don’t belong here. And maybe that’s just normal new job worries. There’s a lot to it and no one expects me to be amazing right away. But maybe I expect that just a little bit. Even if that’s relatively unreasonable, to say the least.
  5. I will say, I have been listening to/rediscovering some music this week that’s helped immensely. Even though I can listen at work whenever I want, it’s nice to get in the car once I’m free and just blast it. It’s like a cleanse before I get home; my commute is a sort of purgatory between work and home life and on that 20-25 minute drive I shift out of work me and become normal me again.

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