Random Tuesday – Fasting, motivated, worry

  • I have been wary of googling “Does Cuban coffee break a fast?” because I’m guessing it does. But I don’t want to believe it, nor do I want to give it up so I’ll just have my little shot of it then not eat for many hours after. I think at least then I’ll get a good break in between. It is high time to return to more rigid rules about eating windows. I haven’t put on many pounds but I’m not where I was six months ago and I enjoyed being under 120. That felt really good. I also have to be fair that my life has had a huge adjustment since then, what with getting a new job and being back in an office.
  • That being said, Ash and I are fasting today actually. Sadly, one of the reps gave us free breakfast! Granted, I probably would not have eaten breakfast even on a normal day. So I am listening to music (normally at a low level on my laptop but today, through headphones) and ignoring the food until it is gone. Luckily I cannot smell it. If I stay busy enough, today’s fast will be fine. Wednesday after a Tuesday fast is always good so all I have to do is make it to lunch tomorrow. I think I’m going to meet Ash for it and we’ll both feast. I can’t wait! (But I must.)
  • Monday was a beating at work but I handled it well; lots of bills moved. In the afternoon, I got a particularly wordy 6 pager and even though my plan had been to wait until 6 PM to eat with the kids, someone in the office brought snacks so I went ahead and had a cashew/almond/macadamia nut mix. Felt pretty good about that, though someone else brought donuts so there goes that. I did make my white chicken chili again though and put it on the Carb Balance tortillas. Trying to be good!
  • I had heard of the band Bad Omens but hadn’t really given them a listen. Then I found myself sitting in the car waiting for Elliot’s 4:30 practice to end (it was 4:45!) and “Just Pretend” came on. It’s a basic new rock song but it kinda hit me the right way. An online friend of mine loves them and told me other songs to listen to and yeah, they’re good. Expect them next Monday!
  • It was dang cold this morning, but warming quickly. I mean, like, 36. My Land’s End jacket is ridiculously warm though so no complaints. I finally own a “real” coat, like people in the North do. Probably won’t need it later when I go to the post office on my lunch break though.
  • I had a brief moment of panic about all the activity-planning that needs to be done for the next four months and then I took a deep breath and remembered that we’ve been doing this a long time and it always works out, for the most part. What the heck am I worried about?

8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Fasting, motivated, worry

  1. Does Cuban coffee have sugar? If so, it breaks your fast. If not, Dr. Mercola says you can have coffee and even a tablespoon of heavy cream. Mostly fat. You can have MCT oil, I think, too. No protein or carbs. I haven’t been intermittent fasting lately. I think my adrenals are stressed from the stress of caring for my dad and his death. I’m eating at maintenance right now. Lifting weights, yoga, a little interval.

    I am a worrier. Unfortunately, a lot of what I worried about did come true. I had a handicapped child, we got laid off lots of time (my husband was in the construction business and it’s part of the game). The good news is I was prepared for the worst a lot (or self-fulfilling prophecies?). I am a prepper (sort of). We are prepared to deal with disasters for at least a couple months. Doing this means I worry less however. I’m not perfect at prepping, but better than most people. I have some foodstores, canned and dried stuff, water, a propane tank at both residences, a crank radio thing, try to keep prescriptions filled three months, have a covid bag. Iodine in case they drop the bomb. I don’t have a perfect nuclear fallout thing, but pretty good spot in my basement in middle of room under the bathroom that is tiled and has gypboard. Bean bags to sleep on, batteries, that kind of thing. Some preparation means much less worry. I worry less about nuclear stuff than blackouts, power grid at risk, but it didn’t take much to plan for a bit more.

    1. Yes, there’s some special kind of sugar, but not much. I mean, most days I am ok with having it around 10 if I’m going to eat lunch only. But like today when I am not at all, I skipped it.

      I try not to worry about those things, as I feel they’re out of my control. But I can see getting stuff ready; when Covid was at its height, I did store a lot of food and other supplies in case the economy REALLY went to shit.

      1. Yeah, I know I’m a bit of a nut, but since I did it which took me a month or so, I don’t give it a thought and since power outages are indeed possible if they ever hit our power grid, I don’t have to worry. We have generators of course. At the time I did it, my dad was on oxygen full time and I couldn’t be without power here. And he couldn’t walk much, so I had to think about things like that more than most. We had a chimney fire once we caught immediately. But I am a planner, I guess. I also have a handicapped child.

      2. I will say, we bought a generator for hurricane season a couple years ago and it was totally worth it! Granted, we haven’t had a bad one since but that year, we were without power for 3 days so it came in handy.

  2. I try not to worry, but sometimes it gets the best of me. I’ve spent a lot of my life worrying about things that never happened.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  3. Doesn’t Murphy’s law say something about free treats arriving when you’re fasting? Never fails.
    I’m on the worrier side too, and a bit of a prepper. Although since our kids grew up and out, I don’t prep like I used to. I think a lot of “prep” takes place in our mindset.

    1. Yes, I think if it were just me and my husband, I might not have that prep mindset as often. Only to a certain degree. And yes! If you are not eating, food WILL show up, magically.

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