Monday Sunday Stealing – High school things

1. You are back in high school… what are you doing after school lately?

Oof, this is touchy for me. I didn’t know it at the time but getting home around 2 pm, eating an entire box of Kraft mac and cheese and then taking a nap was what led to me being FAT. Sometimes, though, I did other things, like for a short time I was in a band. And I tried skateboarding with Paul up the street.

2. Do you do homework early or late? Do you really study?

I always liked to get homework done in school, if possible. I was never one to leave work for later. And no, I was awful at studying in h.s.; I didn’t need to. Then I got to college and realized I had no study skills whatsoever.

3. a, Do you go to the games? Football? Basketball.. what is your favorite to attend?

Ha! No, I wasn’t that cool. We went to one football game and I can’t even remember why.

b. Do you go to the dances? Prom? (what’d you wear?)

I DID got to prom and I wore a Victorian hoop skirt dress and it was literally 5 feet in diameter. My friend was pretty handy with a sewing machine and he loved Victorian things so I dressed in that and he wore a top hat and coattails and we were a spectacle. Sorry I don’t have pics; they’re in storage somewhere.

4.Lunch!  What are we having today?   What is your favorite lunch?

Are we still talking about high school? I brought mine a lot but your cafeteria had some good things like burgers. Favorite was probably a turkey and cheese sandwich.

5. What kind of music do you like the best? 

OK, I think we are still talking high school so, not too much has changed: I like metal. I was big into Pantera, Tool, and Ozzy, but listened to a lot of different bands here and there. I blasted that crap in my car. Admittedly, I also got really into Frank Sinatra in my senior year.

6. Does the radio play in your car and if so what station or kind of music plays?  Does music play in your home often?

Then: the rock station and sometimes, cassettes. Now: SiriusXM! I have many stations programmed in: all the metal ones, including hair; yacht rock; love songs; 70s, 80s, and 90s.

7. What do you think of the music played in restaurants or stores? Do you find it relaxing or annoying?

I have become the embodiment of this meme I keep seeing that’s like, One day you’re young and the next, the music playing in the grocery store is your jam. YUP.

8. What part has music played in your life? What kind of music played at your wedding or at parties you have been to?

A huge part! I always use it to fill in the gaps and I do become obsessed with bands. At my wedding, I perfectly crafted a playlist of love songs and dance music that I liked. I find at most parties I don’t like what people play but when my friends and I get together, we agree on Country and 80s.

9. Is the farm for you? How about a ranch, a village or a city? Which is your choice and why?

No, not really. I like where I live, about 190,000 people but civilized. Ash wants to move somewhere outside larger cities but far enough out we have space and quiet. I personally want the stores to be closer.

10. A short auto trip for the weekend with friends or a long vacation? Where would you go?

Short trip – beach. Hands down.

11. The quiet life at home with a cuppa and TV or  a good book or a night out with friends? Which sounds good today?

Today? Home, but I’d want to be by myself. Ash is home on Mondays and we’d just be busy with stuff he comes up with. I’d want to read or catch up on my own things.

12. You have a choice of  dinner and a movie or a game of cards and snacks at the neighbors. Where are you going tonight?

I’d probably take cards and snacks.

13. Is there a hero or character on TV, in a book or a movie .. or even on all three, that you are especially like? What do you find attractive about them?

I always thought of myself as Monica from Friends. I am sure there are others.

14.  Was there a book that was better in movie form? How about a movie you thought didn’t live up to the book?

I know there are but I cannot think of them now.

15. When you choose a book, program or movie which subject it is most likely to be: science fiction, mystery, romance, documentary?

Book – Romance or nonfiction. TV: depends. I didn’t think I’d be into Game of Thrones but I loved it.

5 thoughts on “Monday Sunday Stealing – High school things

  1. I got confused when answering the questions – I wasn’t sure where the questions changed from high school to now. It doesn’t really matter, does it? Since it is my blog . . . I guess I can answer any way I choose! I hope you have a great week!!

  2. Fun reading! Sort of jumped from high school to adult life?
    Your homework habits of high school and the awakening in college resonates with me 😛

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