Wednesday Wondering

  • I knew there would come a time when I got pretty acclimated to what was generally expected of me at work. Like many jobs, I can’t really explain to you the ins and outs because they’d make no sense. I can tell you that I “edit bills” but there’s nothing about it that would click for you unless you’ve done this. Editing, sure. I do check for consistencies in language, spelling issues, missed letters, etc. But there’s all these things we have to check for specific to the design and internal rules. Last week, I was getting the hang of it and getting really good compliments on the questions I was asking, because that’s a big part of it: being aware and knowledgeable about WHAT to fix. So then, it felt comfortable. But today, I am once again feeling lost. I have to check these cross-references and while I THINK I know what they mean, I am a bit adrift and just looking at a bill doesn’t feel as good as it did; as in, I am questioning what I knew. My boss keeps telling me not to worry because it literally takes years to get it all but still; I don’t want to fall behind.
  • Today might have me working beyond 5 pm, as the last committee meeting goes 4-6. Does it mean it will end at 6? Not necessarily. I have to stay the later of: 5:00 or 30 mins after meeting ends. So I could be home as late as 7 or later! Better get used to it; I hear this is normal during session. And this is just a committee week!
  • Last night we watched Triangle of Sadness and I don’t even know what to think about it. It’s definitely weird; I can see why it was Oscar nominated. Very arthouse style at the same time as not? Hard to explain but definitely different!
  • Because I’m supposed to be leaving so late, I planned to have lunch with my husband but there’s a HUGE storm coming across that may impede our plans. Sigh. Not that you can’t go out in inclement weather but do you want to? By the time lunch rolls around, I’ll have been fasting for a bit over 40 hours so I would maybe do anything to eat! Though I feel good this morning. I don’t feel hungry and I was two pounds lighter on the scale. The best feeling is waking up fasted; I feel…clean.
  • We just had a tornado warning in the building and the annoying lady on the loudspeaker told us we had to go to an interior corridor. Crazy talk. The last time one actually came into the downtown/tall building area was 1995. We just don’t get them anywhere close. They’ll touch down on the outskirts and maybe near the airport (open land!) but not here.
  • I had lunch and now I feel… ok. Not bogged down or anything but it is weird eating after that long. I know people are judgy judgy about the longer periods of not eating but it works for me.
  • Stopped into Hot Topic and found the shirt I’d been wanting (Motionless in White) but it didn’t come in small. Crazy to think I wear a small but it’s true. And now I can’t find it. Sigh.

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