Writer’s Workshop – Mind it

2. Write about something you think people these days forgot how to do (FYI, our host wrote 8 but the prompt only asks for one!)

This one came about because I almost chose the prompt based on the word “business”; I was thinking how people have forgotten how to…

…mind their own business.

I grew up in a time when phones were pretty prevalent – I mean, wall phones, corded phones, landlines. We had the opportunity to reach out at any time and gab with friends and neighbors about any ol’ kind of gossip. I know too that this began long before me, with the invention of said device. And of course, prior to that, neighbors probably talked. However, I get the impression, through movies/TV/talking to older generations, that people generally minded their business. And that is not to say they didn’t reach out if they thought they might could help someone. That’s not really classified under ‘minding your business’; it’s more like, you let people live how they’re gonna live until you hear there’s a problem you might could help fix, if this makes sense.

I typically interpret this phrase to mean that you aren’t going to butt in and tell people what they should do or judge them for what they’re choosing to do. With the internet, however, I feel like the floodgates were opened up for just this kind of detrimental behaviour. Which means no one minds their own business because everyone puts their business out there for everyone to see! BUT, they get all bent out of shape and “triggered” when someone judges their business. You have to understand that you open yourself up to criticism if you put it out there.

So when I hear this phrase, I think of both sides: those who air out their business but get butt-hurt about the judgement and then those who do the minding. All in all, I long for a time – and I don’t think I ever truly lived during this – when people pretty much stuck to themselves unless they saw an opportunity to mind your business, for good reason.

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Mind it

  1. I must admit that I have been amazed at the personal things people share on social media . . .and the words used by people commenting. Someone I grew up with is continually posting passive agressive things about her husband . . .without naming him. Why? Why would you even do that?

    1. Totally. I sometimes mention ways in which I am annoyed with my husband but I’d never totally bad-mouth him here. The internet is a crazy place though, for sure.

  2. Agreed! Social media makes it all too easy to anonymously say stupid things or react stupidly to others’ stupid things. Such a waste of time and energy.

  3. Mary’s never been one to eagerly share every detail of her life. I think I’m the only one she does that, and even then I can’t be sure. I share a lot of stories on my blog, but how much I actually expose is limited to funny stories from my past. I think too many people are sharing too many personal details that can be used to steal their identity…

  4. I think the idea of sharing every bit of ourselves on the internet is going to decline. I’ve noticed with my teens that it’s becoming more popular to not be reachable or attached to a phone. Is it possible things will go full circle and they will raise their kids without sharing every bit of their lives on the internet? We’ll see!

    1. I believe it. My boys both have phones and most of the time, they aren’t on them. It’s sometimes infuriating because I can’t reach them but at the same time, I appreciate that they aren’t obsessed.

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