Friday Five – Musing on time and people, can’t get started

  1. I live in a place that has about 190,000 people, if you count small surrounding areas; it’s not huge but it’s also not a small town either. We’ve also been here a while so we’ve met tons of people. I think it’s nice, then, when I attend events and run into people from the past. During Elliot’s Wednesday soccer game, it was like that. He ended up at Lincoln because we’re on the edge of the school zone but most of his friends are at Chiles. His good friend since forever, Peyton, (my friend, Courtney’s son) is on the Chiles team, along with Phillip from his ASG team and Will, who he and Peyton were in VPK with! I spoke to his mom last night and it just struck me how interesting it is to cross paths with people from that long ago – 11 years!
  2. Sometimes it is still mystifying to me that we are no longer friends with the neighbors. You remember the story: the mom lost her cool when I told her I honest-to-God had no time to babysit her kid during the days/times she wanted it and she said I was a user. I just… don’t lose friends like that. I either drift away from people with no animus as a cause or I keep them. It still just surprises me that it even happened. But I also keep remembering that I wasn’t all that fond of them anyway so it isn’t the biggest loss either. Dakota has many friends and can still see their daughter at school. Besides, I don’t think she was the best influence on my child and probably would not have been as they went into middle school.
  3. I cannot get going on this here Friday morning. I woke up all groggy and unlike me, I was still dragging when I left the house, during my drive, and now, in my office. It doesn’t bode well for surviving the day and on that, I have a long day ahead. Elliot has his last soccer game of the season tonight so I stay at work until almost five then head over to the fields. It’ll be cold too, so I am not looking forward to that! Plus, we have a lot of pre-session deadlines coming up so who knows when I’ll have to do extra work.
  4. This sounds awful but I honestly did not think my sister would follow through with going on my daughter’s field trip with her. But she has and she just texted me about paying, which she did say she’d do on the 20th. I already sent in the entire payment for my daughter and the teacher said she’d hold half as a chaperone reservation too, so it would be settled. My daughter is super excited that someone is going and it’s even cooler it’s her aunt. My sister doesn’t do a ton with my kids (she’s really busy, tbh) so this is a really cool opportunity. They’re going to St. Augustine and my sister loves that place, hasn’t been in a while. Meanwhile, I went last April and then before that, early 2020 when my middle boy was in this same grade and took the same field trip!
  5. On Thursday, one of the representatives catered lunch for us – Chik-fil-a – and you better believe I ate it. While not a fan, and I don’t eat fast food, it was there and why not? But of course, I felt exceedingly guilty so a little bit after, I walked all the way down to the plaza level via the stairs and all the way back up to my office on the 15th floor. What a beating! I am possibly out of shape since I haven’t been running much. The way down was ok, though they are pretty steep. But back up was rough. I stopped a few times to catch my breath. It’s warm in the stairwells too so I discovered that if I am ever too cold in my office, the solution lies just outside the door!

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