Wednesday Wondering

  • I noticed the other day that each year since we’ve lived in this house (so starting Xmas 2018) my husband has sat, as his Xmas morning spot, on the two steps leading into our sun room area. He then places his gifts in a pile on the hearth. As days and weeks pass after the holiday, the pile dwindles. This year, he took most of the candy and other food items first, then the new door knocker and the Tallahassee Beer Society membership. This weekend, he took the new back door lock box. Now all that’s left is one bag of gummi bears and another small box. When it is gone, I’ll know that we’re truly back to ‘normal’ after the holidays.
  • Over my longish weekend, I was so busy that I didn’t take time to do some of the things I really wanted to do, namely run, sauna, and take a bath. But I did carve out some time to do these small things that brought me joy: prior to hibachi lunch Monday, I saw that the yard was bathed in sunshine and I grabbed a deck chair and sat, quietly, for about 20 minutes. It was 60 outside but SO nice in the sun. Friday afternoon, I turned on the bowling arcade machine for the first time in a while. I didn’t do well but I enjoyed playing while listening to yacht rock favorites. Ash and I took a four mile walk Monday evening and while it was dusk when we left, that blended into the night and it was quite dark by the time we got home. But I enjoy those walks and miss how we used to do that all the time when we were working from home more.
  • So, for a while, Elliot had/has been moody. I chalk it up to the fact he’s still only 15 but he’s also been a sourpuss since he was 3. But most days, he is agreeable, happy, willing to help. Then he has days where he pushes everyone’s buttons and doesn’t want to do anything. What made it easier is that Isaac was always agreeable and helpful and he’d see what Elliot was doing and want to be better. Well, as Isaac quickly approaches 13, he’s getting worse. He’s definitely not the the same Isaac as before. Sure, he has his days, but more often than not, there’s just a different vibe to his attitude. It sad and maddening and I didn’t think about having two teenage boys in the house! Ugh!
  • Traffic has been exceedingly bad lately, assumedly because both students (college) and members are in town. I always forget that about the Spring semester around here in our capital city. Then it’s irritating when roads are slow. As I sat today in standstill traffic, I realized I need gas and how little time I have now to even get it. When I worked from home, the entire day was mine, even if I was busy with online work. I could hop up and put gas in the car, stop into the store, run other errands. Now I can’t get anything done! Elliot has his second to last game tonight so I’m here all day then I go straight to the ball field. It will be past 7 when I get home. Tomorrow, we have EC meeting for brew club and then he has his last game Friday!
  • It got a little warmer outside so of course, inside buildings they started blasting the AC again; it is freezing in here! I am so tired of the back and forth of that system. It doesn’t have to be the arctic in here just because it might hit 70 outside!
  • Do you ever get a little anxious about stuff that is coming up but that you wish would just happen sooner? Example: I registered the boys for Spring club soccer. It begins February 20th so I won’t know team/practice days and times until probably early in the month. But because so much is riding on those things coinciding, it makes me want to just find out already. Argh.
  • My editing queue is empty for the first time since I started! Ok, strike that. It was empty for five minutes and then my senior editor noticed. I got my greens (early files) done yesterday so I was working on the low priority bills this morning. The day is dragging and I can’t wait for lunch!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wondering

  1. AC in January? I don’t know where you live, but clearly it’s not where I live 🙂
    We have 3 sons, no daughters. Teen boys definitely get moody. I hear girls are worse. Really, though?

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