Random Tuesday – Weekend recovery, about to kick into high gear, food prep and complaints

  • As mentioned in my Friday post, the House had a nice catered lunch (though it was Moe’s – gross) and then they let us go home! I was home before 1 pm, which was really nice. Ash got home from lunch soon after and you know what I did with this gift of time? Nothing. I drank beer and watched an old Indian action movie. In the evening, we built a fire outside and smoked a cigar. That’s it.
  • Saturday was to be rather cold so the city pushed soccer games back by an hour, which meant Elliot didn’t need to get to work until 9:45. So I slept in, eased into the day, then dropped him off. I wish I could remember what all I did after. Grocery store? House cleaning? Oh, I actually put in 2 hours of work, earning comp time. Dakota had a game at 1:45 so we were kicking around until then. Her team lost last week, even though they seem to have some good players, but this week they tied, so that’s a positive direction. After her game we went home and I took Ell to his friend’s house. After that, it was movie watching and brewing prep – milling. We had planned to brew Sunday and Monday.
  • Sunday we woke up at 8 and got started on the brew. It went rather smoothly, no issues at all. Around 11 I realized I didn’t have my laptop charger and with Monday being a day off and my computer all but dead, I had to run to work and grab it. Sigh. It didn’t take me too awful long and I was back in time to help Ash cube the wort and then start on lunch. And after that, it was mostly watching football and drinking beer. We keep trying to set up something with the neighbors but always miss each other, since they have kids and work, etc. Well, they had dinner plans at 6 and then came over to sit by the fire around 7:30, so that was nice. I think they left around 10:30.
  • My plan Monday was to brew again, take Elliot to practice 11-1 and then take everyone out for hibachi lunch: mission accomplished! I ran a couple errands and then came home to rest a bit then we got the one big task done: put all the Christmas decorations up into the attic storage. It’s a pain because we have a door up to it but no real ladder, so we have to bring the regular ladder all the way up to our closet. And hoisting heavy bins up isn’t easy either but it got done! I started on making a spaghetti sauce for a lasagna for tonight (oh, and product of the week missing for store shelves? Ricotta! Luckily I found some at another grocery store and a worker said I was the 6th person that day to tell him Publix didn’t have any.) Ash and I took a four mile walk and by then I was super motivated so I assembled my lasagna, cleaned all the beer stuff, got all the clean laundry put away, and ran the dishwasher! Super productive!
  • Between now and May 5th though, I am going to be overloaded. We have back to back committee weeks and the Session starts, which means (like tonight) I might be able to leave if I have to but will need to be on my laptop at home in case something changes. With members meeting and changing things, bills get punted back to the drafter who was working on whatever it was and the editor (maybe me) who was on it as well. So it won’t always be me but it could be. I am mentally preparing for this grind for the next 90-ish days. I always liked work work work and then relax because then I feel like I earned it. It’s going to be rough – and there will be some downtime, just not like it was before – but I can do it!
  • Can you believe that the one week I plan to make a lasagna, because it can be made ahead of time, making dinner easier, is the week my normal store doesn’t have any ricotta? I know it sounds whiny but I am getting a bit weary of these random missing items. I know it isn’t supply chain or whatever BS they want to throw at us. It’s just this wonky-ass economy we’re living in and it is a constant reminder of why this current administration is garbage.
  • I wish I had something else funny to share but my weekend was the above: mostly work, some fun. I was surprised to see the Bucs lose to the Cowboys but maybe we asked for it: when we went to lunch yesterday, Dakota and I wore our Cowboys t-shirts and Isaac and Ash wore their jerseys (Diggs and Parsons, respectively.) We only own them because we went to Dallas on that trip and my sister’s BF is such a huge fan. And fantasy football. But hey, good for them. They’ll get crushed next week but they lived to see another day.

7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Weekend recovery, about to kick into high gear, food prep and complaints

  1. The other thing about not getting things you want at the store is folks won’t work anymore. I hear it all the time. We’re having work done on our home and the guy in charge said he can’t find workers. Hit and miss. So sad.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  2. Awww dang- no ricotta….I use cottage cheese if desperate! It amazes me how some stores are missing a lot of products. Must be no one wants to work much anymore.

    1. Oh wow, really? I have a creamy layer between noodles of: ricotta with one egg, mozzarella and parmesan, a little pepper and Italian seasoning. Then sauce, obviously.

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