Friday Five – Chugging along

  1. It hasn’t been the most successful season for Lincoln boys JV soccer, nor for Elliot, what with his concussion a few weeks ago, games he had to sit out, and then just getting back after break, he had a rough go. But Wednesday, he actually got to play for almost 20 minutes. And the team got a win! Actually, they won against Maclay last week but he didn’t play at all. They put him in for the Wakulla game and I was just so happy for him. Play time gives him confidence. If he feels like he’s letting his team down if he doesn’t do well then he’s just an unhappy mess. So yes, Wednesday was a success; I was out of the house nearly 12 hours and straight exhausted but some days, that’s how it is.
  2. I feel like this week went by quite slowly, though the nice little perk throughout was remembering that we’re off Monday for MLK day. I really need that extra day to catch up on house stuff. I feel like going back to work just set me back so much. I’m trying to do all the kids things, extra activities I’m into, AND keep up with the house junk and it’s a lot. Hopefully once Summer comes around, I will have earned a decent amount of comp time and can work some half days here and there. Everyone assures me I will have those hours but we’ll see! But Thursday afternoon is DRAGGING. I felt on it this morning but after my walk around town for 30 mins, I just felt blah and tired. Going to have to catch that second wind here soon!
  3. OK Friday now and I was thinking that we’ll have to brew on Monday. The Panacea oyster and beer fest is March 25th so now would be the time. Think of it this way: if we brew Monday, we may not even pitch for another week, putting it at the 20th or 21st. You have a week to ferment, another two weeks for yeast clean-up, then beer does quite well sitting in a keg so long as it is carbonating. In fact, I’ve found that some of the best beers are the ones that sat a little while. Heck, we brewed for our December 16th party on October 1st! And those turned out amazing. One of them almost won best beer of the year in our group. But we got edged out by Terry’s saison and only because no one ever even makes a saison!
  4. I’m present today but not quite “here”. We drank a lot last night at brew club so I didn’t sleep the greatest. This morning, my senior editor wants me to show her my process so she can better direct and guide me. I know it’s for my benefit but it feels like I’m not getting it or something. Then at 11:30 we have this staff appreciation thing which, as far as I could tell, was a throwaway thing. But no, it’s a big deal we have to go to. We have to be seen by the Speaker, etc. Apparently it’s a sit down kind of affair with door prizes and stuff. A coworker told me, as we walked into the building this morning, that in the past they’ve given us a half day after said parties. So here’s hoping; I could use the extra time for sure!
  5. I am also not trying to get my hopes up because it would be a long afternoon sitting there thinking how we could have gone home but were not allowed. It would make sense for them to do that though, seeing as how Monday is a day off then we have back to back to back weeks of committees, which means it’s very busy around here!

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