MMMM + We survived the party weekend

I feel like this is momentous because in years past, they’ve been rougher. LOL. So, to recap, I left Friday around 3:15 and went to the store for drinks and ice. Got home and the menfolk had set everything up outside and were all ready for our guests to arrive around 5. I mean, my family did SO much work. Normally I am the one who does the majority of things but not this time! My parents had gotten into town and left before I even got home to take Elliot to his soccer game and the first of our guests arrived around 4:30 to help. It was in full swing by 5:30 and by 6, we were serving food. For sure, people showed up with the sides; I was impressed. My parents got back around 6:30 I believe and after that, everything was a blur. We ran out of one keg of red ale and the other three were all very low. The only bad thing, I suppose, was my friend misinterpreted a situation among our friend group’s kids and on her son’s behalf, got offended and they ended up leaving. It was some unnecessary drama but in the end, not my problem! Most people left between 10:30-11:30 and four people stayed until midnight. We figured out that the final count, adults and children, was 99! Too bad we couldn’t break 100.

The next morning, I was glad to wake up feeling well – I didn’t drink all that much – but I did have to get right to things. Elliot had ref training at 8 and then my parents stopped by to grab some stuff before leaving. Ash went out to grab Dakota from her friend’s house where she’d slept over, then she had soccer at 11. I went to the store and cooked for folks at home, then ran back to get her and then immediately went back out to get Elliot. Had about 45 mins and then we went to our Brew Club winter party at 2. I was considerably more drunk after that one! Got home and sat in my chair (around maybe 7:30) and then I was passed out. Completely. Didn’t even hear them watching movies! I think the exhaustion from party prep and running around everywhere caught up to me.

Sunday was a little easier. I slept in until 8:30 – rare for me – and then we started watching the World Cup final. (Oh, expect some footballer gushing tomorrow 🙂 ) Our friend came over to watch with us, which was nice. He used to always watch American Football with us but, as they say, times change. Glad he could join; he’s like soccer longer than we have! That game went to PKs so it rolled right into football. We had leftover pulled pork, corn casserole, green beans, then I made mashed potatoes. Good meal but heavy! I napped briefly but then did laundry and other cleaning. By 7:15, we were kind of done watching sports so Ash and I ran to Target for some last minute gifts and I ended up finally wrapping some. We watched Yellowstone then went to sleep!

This week, the younger two are at a camp and I am just biding my time. Tomorrow we’re having a catered lunch at work and a white elephant gift exchange, Wednesday I’m meeting Ash at Harry’s for lunch (I can walk there now.) I am excited for the next few weeks. Sometimes I feel anxious or stressed but this year, not so much!


OK, I’m going to pick some fun old Christmas songs.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + We survived the party weekend

  1. Holly Christmas qith the Kranks but you Re not Kranky:). I’m exhausted and I didn’t do what you did. Why would anyone get offended rather than just communicate and let it be at that. Communication is often lacking…everywhere. I like your attitude though. That first song brought back memories of having to sing this song in Grade school!! I have not heard it since then, I think. I know ow the 2nd one well as it is often played. They should play the first one more.

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