(Late) Sunday Stealing – Holiday musings

1. My plans for December – We are more than halfway through! I plan to focus on family and being calm. This time of year can be so hectic so I will be aware of the reason for the season and just appreciate.

2. How energized I feel at this point in the year – I feel like I’m doing pretty well this year; not tired out yet. I even stayed awake to watch a show last night!

3. The best things about the holiday season – For me, it’s the warmth. The glow of lights everywhere, dimly lit rooms, fires, slowing down at the end of the day. Those feelings are amplified this time of year.

4. Something that changed my perspective on life – My children getting to an age where they are very independent. I had to reassess my role in their lives.

5. What I seem to get the most comments about – That my interests didn’t come across right away. Like, people are surprised I run and like metal and soccer and have kids as old as I do. (guess I look young.)

6. The changes I’ve made to my style – It’s been a while but I grew my hair longer and after losing weight I don’t wear stuff as baggy.

7. What gets in the way of my success – Self doubt

8. News sources I trust the most – I follow some youtubers who make good points and heavily research (Styxhexenhammer, Dark Horse Podcast)

9. Fictional characters that would easily fit into my life  – I can’t think of any right now; sorry

10. My relationship with spirituality – I was raised Catholic so, like many, I left the church for a while. Now, I feel like I have faith in God but I do not regularly attend church. I know he’s there.

11. How I feel when I’m being retrospective – You mean, like, nostalgic? I guess there’s this little inner feeling of delight – to look back on good times and how you felt then – but there’s also a trailing sadness. I do indulge in retrospective thought a lot and sometimes it helps but sometimes it hurts too.

12. My thoughts on AI technology  –Not a fan

13. The odd/weird things I do when nobody else is around  – LOL I agree with Lisa’s answer that why would I tell you that? If you want a little tidbit, if I am alone and bored, I often peruse fan fiction on archiveofourown.

14. What I do when I can’t sleep  – Box breathing. 4 in, 4 out, repeat until sleepy.

15. The winter/holiday season tasks I enjoy – Buying gifts and making special meals or snacks

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