Friday Five – The day has come

  1. Trying to be very calm, cool, and collected because today, we host our annual Christmas party. We have about 85 people who say they’re coming and while we did prepare all week, today is it: whatever isn’t done isn’t getting done before 5 pm. We pushed the time up so we could have it more of a dinner. We made pulled pork and their task was to bring sides. I skipped lunch yesterday so I could tack that 30 mins onto the end of today along with lunch break and the 15 mins from getting here before 8. I hope it all works out but I can’t help but be nervous. I enjoy hosting but do stress out.
  2. When I left the house this morning, I actually felt pretty confident in the day but then started to get agitated because I hate having to be at work during a time when my family is at home doing work. I know that sounds crazy but I feel like I have to help. The menfolk are doing yard stuff for party prep and it looks like my husband let my middle stay home. He has no more exams and they’re not doing anything – it’s the last day before break!
  3. I ended up chatting with a coworker for an hour so that helped pass some of the time. My oldest says he isn’t feeling well but he seemed fine; I think it’s just the end of semester let down that happens sometimes. But he has to push through; one more soccer game before break and then ref training tomorrow then I told him he can get sick. LOL.
  4. I sat on an entry where I detailed my worries over all this but then I got myself to a place where I realized that I can just let stuff go. I mean, sometimes the world will unfold despite what you do and you then accept it. While you can plan and finagle things in certain ways – and I am the kind of person who wants to “make” everything happen – sometimes there are aspects that cannot be forced or worked to your liking. It’s almost freeing to let go. But I also know the magic here is in knowing when to interfere and when to late fate/God/etc… take over.
  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: December is such a funny month. There’s all this stuff – end of school, holiday shopping, parties/get-togethers – and then there’s this big break where you are all encompassed by the holiday and, at least in our case, family and friends and it’s like this weird cocoon of not-real-life. But I do love it so. And I am sure once this party is behind us and all, it’ll be on the downslide towards all that and I’ll breathe a little easier. Excited that we get the Mondays and Fridays around Xmas and New Year’s off. That is really going to be awesome! Merry Christmas, indeed. (And thanks, DeSantis, for giving us those days off.)

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