Random Tuesday – Gonna gush about footballers, Christmas is bearing down on us, and it is COLD!

  • As promised, I’m going to talk about World Cup. If this bores you, I apologize. So, back in the day, I didn’t like soccer. But of course, it was because I didn’t understand it. As my children whittled down all the sports and landed on soccer, mainly, I came to both understand and appreciate the finesse and athleticism involved. I realized in the last year that I actually like it more than football. I even picked a Premier team (Liverpool) and follow them more closely, though I watch any games I can catch. I really like Salah – talent-wise – and Becker (their keeper) to look at. He pretty.
  • But this World Cup, we followed France pretty closely and I discovered Olivier Giroud. Is he the most handsome? No. He has such a huge (French) nose! But I find him yummy. He’s kind of a cocky bastard but man, he’s so awesome. Great player. I’ve literally spent an hour watching his best goals and good Lord he is talented. Also, a master at the bicycle kick.
  • I’m guessing he won’t be around in the next World Cup (he’ll be too old) but the rest of the France team – including Mbappe – is young so even though they did lose to Argentina – and props to them and Messi – that team will be back to contest again. I am excited that North America is hosting in four years; hoping to get to a game in Atlanta. I have been to many NFL games but I think a futbol match will be much better. I can’t wait!
  • I have noticed, about myself, that around November/December each year, I find something to sink myself into more fully. In years past it has been bands – Iron Maiden (2016), Ghost (2018), Ice Nine Kills, (2021) – and this year, futbol. If we’re analyzing this, I think my subconscious does it to keep me afloat at a particularly stressful time. Parties and hosting, terrible traffic, stores too crowded, that nagging feeling at work that you could be doing SO much more at home. All that contributes to feeling frazzled. But these little detours help me stay grounded. I definitely need them. I was stressed today because Ash was upset about something being broken and here I am, feeling bad. But you know, I didn’t break it and I didn’t have that much control over it so why do I let myself stress? This is a behavior I need to be aware of.
  • Christmas is soon approaching and I know for sure I have enough for Ash and Dakota. Isaac, not sure. Ash bought him a ton of Legos and he’s getting a new Xbox with games but I feel like he doesn’t have enough little gifts to open. We’ll see, I suppose, as Ash gets it together and takes inventory of what we have. I even got Elliot some stuff; he doesn’t get anything except stocking stuffers and what other people get him. (I think I explained that he forfeited some Xmases and birthdays to get a ridiculously expensive computer) but I do still get him little things. It doesn’t take much; he’s happy with a bottle of Chik-fil-A sauce!
  • It was 34 yesterday morning and it’s supposed to be colder tomorrow. It also looks like Christmas will be freezing. Xmas eve morning is slated to be 19! We haven’t had a cold Christmas in a few years so that’s nice. We’ll probably build a fire that morning while we open gifts. Looking forward to it!
  • Today in the office we’re having a catered lunch that they apparently won in a raffle last year and then doing a white elephant thing. My gift is an ugly sweater themed coozie and a notebook that says “Things I shouldn’t say out loud in meetings.” I haven’t known these people that long so we’ll see how it goes over!
  • OK, off to grade papers and potentially do some writing; I’m feeling creative today.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Gonna gush about footballers, Christmas is bearing down on us, and it is COLD!

  1. He’s good looking. Not handsome, but good looking.

    Let us know how your gifts went over. I would love them.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

    1. I feel like the person who got my gift liked the coozie but thought the notebook should have actually given suggestions on what not to say in meetings, not just been blank. Oh well!

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