Friday Five – Been a long week

  1. I want to complain about my son for a minute, in hopes that putting it out into the universe somehow gets it off my chest and in a place where I can deal with him. He had gotten so good about two months ago, right around when he got his license. He was agreeable, happy, helpful even. But lately, he’s been such a pill. For example, Wednesday morning, he came downstairs and complained that he couldn’t find his other green sock; the sock that is integral to his soccer kit for that day’s game. Of course my first reaction was, “Didn’t I tell you to prep your stuff last night, so we don’t do this same crap with 10 minutes to go in the morning?” I was probably unreasonably angry instead of simply being helpful. But insult to injury was his complaint that he woke up and his ankles hurt (didn’t hurt all day of course) and that I was mad at him for ‘no reason’ and I was ‘out to get him’. Seriously, son? I found the sock balled up under his bed. But that wasn’t all I found: I found four food wrappers under his desk. Gross! He didn’t see the problem at all; typical teenager. Sigh. I hate having this same argument with him over and over but until he gives in and I stop getting angry, it’s probably not changing, is it?
  2. I wrote #1 on Wednesday morning and, well, by Thursday evening he was suddenly back to being the kid I know he can be. He was agreeable and nice after his game and this morning, worked with me to get all his stuff going. Now that he carries a bookbag and a soccer bag each day, it’s a lot to keep track of. But he left this morning in an actual good mood and I had to remember what it was like being a teenager. Moods come and go!
  3. It got all cold here again; we had a rainy day then two or three gray days and now it is cold and windy, sometimes sunny. It’s not good for my health, not seeing the sun, but I cannot control it. One of these days I am going to get one of those SAD lamps that helps you heal during the dark winter months. Most people who live farther North in the country are the target buyer of these but I have to tell you: this is not always the sunshine state.
  4. I regret the complaints about my poor oldest son. Last night, he suffered a concussion after playing for all of 30 seconds. I have so many mixed feelings about it that I feel on the verge of tears just thinking about it. He’s feeling better now – obviously all you can do is let them heal – but I hate for him the lack of play time, the pain, the feeling like he let them down. None of his misgivings matter and the world is full of setbacks, but it still hurts me quite a bit.
  5. Needless to say (which is a phrase I detest, btw) I am very out of sorts today. On the one hand, very glad Ash is back in town. And I have my car back (much as I hate the sounds the worn out struts make, I love to drive it). But my sister is being difficult, my mom is trying to bail her out (as she always does, which is why she can never get ahead in life) and I am dreading being here at work all day. I am hoping something will turn it around but we all know, the only way is within me, my head. Sigh. Happy Friday everyone. Hope you are all having a better day than me!

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