Writer’s Workshop – Hate to be negative but…

4. Write a blog post about a negative review you left on something.

I do not often leave negative reviews unless I really think a place stunk. I am usually looking for the things to glom onto that might redeem a place, actually. So while I will focus on one bad review in particular, I will also mention two others that were brief but cutting:

My Favorite Books – Tallahassee used bookstore; one star

My review: I wanted to give them my money but demanding people wear masks, STILL, is absolutely ridiculous. A used bookstore, love them as I may, is a business in danger of going out and this is not helping!

Ancient City Brewing Taphouse – St. Augustine; two stars

My review: Building smells like sewage; beer is mediocre. Cool art from locals for sale though.

But here’s my most recent review that I sat on for a bit then still wrote it out of anger:

Trader Joe’s – Tallahassee; two stars (only because I can still find cookie butter there)

My review: I don’t know why I go here: I am definitely not the target audience, as I don’t drive a Prius, wear a mask (still!), nor am I rude. Just walking in this place is frustrating because it’s so cramped and people are lacking in self awareness and just run right into you. I went in looking for the seasonal cookie butter imperial stout but apparently Florida didn’t get it. Wanted to get cookie butter instead and I made direct eye contact with a cashier, he gave me the stink eye, then ushered in a woman with a full cart to his lane. Yeah, I think I’ll be skipping TJ’s for a while.

In going through my reviews, I found this gem, which I’d forgotten about entirely:

Wendy’s – Tallahassee I-10 location; one star

My review: For starters, the drive-thru line was NOT moving, presumably because the kitchen staff, who I witnessed once I parked to go inside, was busy getting high in the parking lot. Inside, I waited 10 minutes for one person to order then, when the next guy was up, the man working the counter took a personal call and proceeded to argue with someone about personal money matters. I’m sorry but that’s really unacceptable. All I wanted were some Frostys – fast food is generally gross – but I went to the location down the road on Capital circle and received much better service. Skip this location at all costs.

So the trend we see here is that I only give bad reviews when I feel like I’ve been personally wronged. If the service was bad and the food was good and then vice versa, a place will still get 3-4 stars from me, depending. You have to really screw it up to get a bad review from me so take heed of these locations! Not that y’all would go here anytime soon but hey, you never know!

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Hate to be negative but…

  1. Yeah, my friend and I had a terrible dinner last night. Ordered this beef tenderloin special medium rare, both of us. It was blood rare and you literally could not cut it. Sent it back and they did whole new steaks which were just nearly as bad. Took most of it home to my dog. But the waitress was good and felt bad. We gave her a good tip. From now on, only wings and a wedge at this place. But it sits right on our lake with a great view and the inside is neat. We drank wine instead….

  2. We went to an estate sale recently and the company running it was still requiring masks. We don’t really carry them with us anymore and when we asked if they had any at the door, she yelled in front of everyone, “We’ve been in a pandemic for the past two years, this shouldn’t come as a surprise!” But our state stopped requiring them a long time ago. Needless to say we ended up just leaving. I didn’t want to give someone money when they just yelled at us like that. I should have given them a bad review for sure!

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