Friday Five – Of storms and the gift of time

  1. It’s 8:30 am, Friday, and the storm has since passed but it’s wet and overcast. Tropical Storm Nicole was not very bad at all, even though it looked like it would cut across Florida, enter the gulf briefly, then head right back for us. We had some wind, not too much rain, and it just sort of hung around for a little bit to make for an ugly day. But we didn’t let it get to us!
  2. I woke up yesterday thinking we had work, since I hadn’t heard otherwise. I texted my friend on the 3rd floor of our building and she was like, ‘Um, Senate doesn’t work today; why would the House?’ and so I emailed my boss (I don’t have work email on my phone yet) and he said the message went out at 4:30 Wednesday; but I’d already left to drive to Elliot’s first soccer game that day, which was about a 40 min drive from my office! So yes, I was given the gift of a four day weekend, since we already had today off. Ash still had work (other state agenecies had not yet canceled since it was not a rough-looking storm) but he ended up coming home and I’ll explain why. But in the meantime, I did a quick run and started working on stuff, including going to the store, where I found turkeys were on sale for cheap so that’s where things went crazy!
  3. I went to put said turkey into the deep freezer of meat and realized that Ash’s ice cube trays that are on top were, um, melted! Not good! I panicked a little but then, upon inspection, saw that everything below was still frozen; only a couple packages of “all meat stew” that we probably weren’t going to eat anyway since I didn’t ask the butcher for those but they gave us anyway were thawing. I started moving everything to other freezers and called Ash. He headed home to help and inspect the freezer (we think it ight have a bad temp gauge so it keeps running, thereby trying to burn itself out/overheat.) So the process of leaving that one empty involved transferring the two red ales that were done fermenting into kegs, then taking that fermentation freezer, pumping it down, then putting the meat in there. Then we had to rearrange kegs being stored. We have three in a keyser and we managed to get 3 into the other kegerator. So, crisis averted! This weekend we’ll assess the other freezer and see if we can regulate the temp ourselves with an outside unit.
  4. As a family, we decided to go to Target and then we had Mexican for lunch. It was kind of nice to go out together (oh, they’d canceled schools already of course, as they often do even when rain won’t even be bad.) We got a bit wet going to and from the car (umbrella for five people? Too much of a hassle; we run!) so we came home and got under warm blankets and napped. Watched some old home videos of the kids in the afternoon and then Ash and I did some other small house tasks before heading up to Deep to keg the barrel project. Almost a year ago they brewed a wee heavy and put it in two bourbon barrels to age. Our friend and owner of that brewery let us keep it there until transfer and now we’re going to use the canning machine from another in-town brewery to can and label it for the club’s use. Anyway, we had our regular meeting after and were home around 8:30!
  5. Today, I am grading papers this morning until lunch. I am going to drop my car off because it pulls a lot if I hit any major bumps, then we’re meeting a couple people Ash knew from work for a birthday lunch for one of them. Then, if it isn’t still too wet, we planned to go to the fair, but we’ll see. I am hoping the sun will come out a little later, as the hourly forecast predicts, so then it won’t be so depressing out. It’s incredibly gloomy right now! But that’s good for me to sit in here and work. Until Monday! Have a good weekend everyone.

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