MMMM + Four day weekend

If you were around Friday then you know what all we were doing then. I got my papers graded and Ash got his hair cut then we went out to lunch. While gone, my oldest went to a friend’s house so in the afternoon, after a nap, we took the younger two to the fair. I know some people feel like the fair is just a sad substitute for an amusement park but to me it’s entirely different.

The sun never did come out that day but we enjoyed it nevertheless; the fair was highly enjoyable. Came home and I ate some leftover Mexican and had a couple beers and we watched a kid movie.

On Saturday the sun had come out so I was thrilled. It was that morning, however, that I realized the food dilemma. Because of the failing freezer (before I saved almost all of it) I’d pulled out the turkey (for Sunday) but also, two packages of beef and a package of filets. You know we typically only eat once a day so that proved difficult but we did it! Burgers for lunch then some house work, a trip to Total Wine, then filets and baked potatoes around 6.

Since it dried out, we got the boys going on mowing the lawn and by evening, we were having a fire and the neighbor came over. Isaac ran around the neighborhood with his friends and all was well. Nice way to spend some time off.

Sunday I knew I had to run so I woke up to cool temps, had coffee, and got the turkey in the oven. Then my daughter and I ran 2 miles then I went back out for another 2. Spent the morning prepping the Thanksgiving type food and by 12:30 we were enjoying a large meal! Of course I spent a lot of the afternoon sitting and napping. So why I am reluctant to go to work today is…silly. I just had four wonderful days off!

I guess since Ash is leaving until Thursday I am stressing about doing all the things. Today is the one day we don’t have afternoon activities. Tuesday = dance and Isaac’s rescheduled band concert; Wednesday = Elliot soccer right after work; Thursday= Elliot soccer but I have to come home and grab Isaac before going; Dakota is riding home with a fellow girl scout so she can partake in the night’s activity. I literally need to write myself notes to remind myself when to leave and where to go. I used to be so much more on the ball!


Looks like the theme this week is ‘thankful’ and I can definitely come up with some in that vein.

Here’s the first one that came to mind:

Then I remembered this:

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Four day weekend

  1. I haven’t been to a fair in many years. Came so close to going to one this year but I didn’t feel well the day we were supposed to go, alas. Loved the Volbeat song (new to me). Bing Crosby has so many timeless classics and this is one. Alana ramblinwitham

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