Friday Five – Feeling pretty sick

  1. Two weeks down in this new job! I don’t know why this seems momentous but it does. I am getting the hang of it a lot more now, though still months from actual session, I have a lot of time to learn still. Maybe I am just still so grateful for the opportunity; it’s a job I will (probably) stay in for a while and the benefits are amazing.
  2. On a negative note though, I have a sinus infection and I swear I did not see this coming. Sometimes I can tell I’m getting one and can ward it off but not this time. So I am using the neti pot, my essential oils in boiling water (to inhale when I don’t have my diffuser) and just hoping I can get rid of it. I hate that doctors always prescribe antibiotics for these, even though they don’t work. And all they do is throw your body out of whack. I always get other issues when I’ve had antibiotics anyway. So in the meantime, I will just feel all heavy and tired. Funny part about sinus issues is I never feel sick in other ways; just in my face.
  3. Yesterday was kind of crazy: my car was low on power steering fluid (a leak I’m aware of) and at first I didn’t know that was the sound so I took some time on youtube to pinpoint it then as I left here, I went to the auto parts store but got caught in traffic from an accident at a larger intersection. Sigh. Got the fluid, got my son from soccer, then we went back out for a co-worker of Ash’s going away party. The DOT people always do those up big for folks. We drank, ate, and Elliot drove us home but man, I was so put out by all the activity and yet, once time to sleep, I couldn’t because of all this mucus in my face. Felt like crap this morning but ok now; sitting at my desk and enjoying the sun coming through the blinds of the office across the hall from mine. I sadly do not have a window but I’ll live.
  4. If we are being honest, I am hoping one of my superiors will tell me I can leave slightly early, since I don’t feel good. Elliot doesn’t have practice today so I was already getting some bonus time. I need to rest and take care of this infection and I really need to go to Costco.
  5. I haven’t really been sick in a while so I guess it’s just my time. Hope everyone has a nice, restful weekend and good luck with Daylight Savings this Sunday!

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