MMMM + Feeling (mostly) better

This was a very looong weekend; not just because of the time change but because neither myself nor my husband really felt great. Ash was dealing with some kind of stomach thing. It presented as food poisoning: we went to a place Thursday for a guy’s going-away and by 2 am, he was siiiick. So Friday he was worse for wear but even through the weekend he was feeling pretty wrecked: mostly just pangs in his stomach and still some intestinal distress. So in all actuality, we had a nice weekend sort of due to that.

Well, I went home around 1 Friday because my sinuses were pretty bad; I just wanted to lay my head down, it was so heavy. I left here, went to Costco, then went home to eat some of their chicken tortilla soup. I then took a bath and a nap and was feeling ok. I attacked my issues as I usually do: lots of essential oils in pill form, breathing them in, putting them in my tea. I also used my neti pot a few times. My only affliction was not just the sinuses but also, I had an infection on my left thumb under the nail; more on this later. My Friday evening was peaceful even; Isaac went to a friend’s house and Dakota played with the kids next door. They’re a little younger but she loves taking care of kids. Ash was still feeling crappy so we watched a bad 80s movie called Dead-End Drive-in.

On Saturday, he slept in and I did the early morning take Isaac to flag/Elliot to work. Isaac’s team won their last game handily, which was a nice way to wrap up an otherwise mediocre season. I went to the store for lunch then we napped and once I woke, I started doing things on my to-do list around the house. Even though I felt at about 85%, I was able to get some stuff done. Around 3, Ell decided he’d ride his bike up to a friend’s house and so I helped him get air in his tires. Now, back to the thumb. A couple weeks ago I was cutting the wound-up hair from the roller of my vacuum and the scissors slipped, jabbing me. I paid it no mind at first but soon, my thumb was red, swollen, and hot. Infected! I did a bunch of warm water soaks but I could never find the infected area to pop. I know, it’s gross. I read that epsom salt and apple cider vinegar will help bring the infection to the surface so I tried and tried and only when I was helping my son jam a soccer ball into a bag with a too-small opening and he bashed it and hit my thumb at the same time, did it actually pop. Thank God! It was getting way too painful to bear and I was thinking about going to urgent care. With that affliction on its way to healing, I could move on. The evening was nice; mostly just watched videos and read.

Sunday morning was weird, due to the time change. Everyone was up a bit early. My kids requested biscuits and bacon and eggs so I made them that and they chose to watch Grown-ups, which is not the best Adam Sandler movie but we all watched it and we so rarely watch movies as a family anymore so it was nice! Ash was feeling mostly better so we took a lot of empty boxes from storage on the second floor and moved them up into the attic. That was a pretty big undertaking but we got quite a bit moved so now, as it gets cooler and working in storage is not as hot, we can rearrange and get that area back to a more accessible space. We tend to just throw boxes and bins in there and not worry about it but then you can’t find anything.

We showered and went to our friend’s house, who had invited us to watch them brew their holiday ale, which they do each year. We only stayed a couple hours then came home to eat lunch and watch football. I mostly watched but I was getting killed in both fantasy football leagues. Absolutely destroyed. But that’s the nature of the game; those players are out of your control anyway. I did laundry and napped and it was overall, a nice weekend. This morning, I am mostly better, though my sinuses are still bothering me a little. The office is having a little welcome breakfast for myself and the other new person, whose first day is today. I never eat breakfast but I will today because it’s polite. I’ve been eating twice lately anyway, though usually in a 4-5 hour window. Today will be around 9 and then not again until probably 5:30. That should be a nice gap.


Since today is a freebie and my office did the welcome breakfast, here’s a song that is related to that:

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Feeling (mostly) better

  1. I’m so sorry about his food poisoning! There is no sick like that kind of violent sick! I hope your sinuses get better soon.
    Years ago, our son got a splinter under one of his fingernails that got infected. I finally had to take him to the doctor and he had to take antibiotics and it finally popped while we were IN the doc’s office.

  2. I’m sorry you were all sick this weekend. I hate it when that happens and the time change makes it even worse. Longest day of the year. Felt like it lasted about a week.

    Love the video. Hubby and I enjoy listening it together.

    Have a fabulous MMMM and week. ♥

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