Writer’s Workshop – A look into the future

3. Write a list of 6 things you are looking forward to

  1. Looking forward to feeling accustomed to this whole full time in-office work. I know I won’t feel like that for a while, especially when we start Session and I don’t know how it’s all going to go, but man, it’ll be nice when I feel like a true part of the office and comfortable with doing the actual job, For now, it’s all very new and uncertain.
  2. I am looking forward to being done teaching face to face. I still enjoy my online courses, since my interaction is limited to announcements and assignment feedback but when I am in my in-person classes and so few students come or turn in assignments, it just reminds me that college is changing and I question the point. It makes me not want to even put in the effort so I would rather remove myself from it. I only have to teach about 6 more times and then I am done for the semester and do not plan to go back!
  3. Cooler temps. We had some about a week and a half ago and then it got back to the cool in the morning/warm in the afternoon thing. I do enjoy cool temps but hate the cold. I must prefer warmth. But with those cooler days, I will transition into the holiday mode and that is something I do like.
  4. In the short term, Veteran’s Day – a day off from work! Yes, I realize I haven’t been here long but it’ll be nice, especially since Ash goes out of town the following Monday. I really need an at-home non-weekend day to clean and catch up. I just feel so pressed for time in the evenings.
  5. Dallas in December. While I am also sort of dreading it (lots of driving and money spending) I also think seeing the Cowboys stadium and all that will be a blast. We also plan to hang out with our friend, Drew, and maybe even go with him to one of his cigar bars. He stopped drinking years ago but took up cigar smoking. Should be an interesting experience. Also, Dallas is the last of the big Texas cities I have not been to.
  6. This weekend! We have one more flag football game then I think we plan to do some maintenance stuff around the house and that makes me really happy. I can tell you this for sure: I appreciate my weekends a WHOLE LOT MORE now that I work all week! When you mostly work from home, it’s hard to see those two coveted days as anything more than an extension of your week so now, I am thankful for them in a new way.

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