MMMM + Why am I so tired?

Well, I was yesterday anyway. I woke up feeling pretty rested today though. Methinks it’s just fall out from the first week of full time work. And even then, this week I have to go back to my TCC classes. (Last week we had conferences). So we’ll see how put out I feel now!

Anyway, Friday was crazy busy: got Elliot from practice after work and came home and immediately started on spaghetti sauce. While it simmered, got Dakota to the neighbor’s house because they were going to a trunk or treat, packed Isaac’s stuff for a Halloween lock in at the church, and then the remaining three of us had dinner. We were prepping for Saturday’s half marathon so I drank a lot of water, and we watched Nightmare Before Christmas. Even my oldest came down to watch for a while! He never does that anymore.

As we got into bed that night my husband was really worried about the race and his knees; he’s normally the “push through at all costs” type of person and runner but last week he walked a few miles of his training run. At the last minute we decided not to run, which made Saturday a whole lot easier. We ate too much food not to do something though and once up, I got ready and ran a hilly 6 in the neighborhood, as did he.

We had set up rides for the kids in our absence so we canceled all those and went to Isaac’s flag game. He was exceedingly tired, since they were up basically all night doing activities. He played ok but was just EXHAUSTED after. I made lunch for folks once home but then Elliot said the last set of games didn’t need as many refs so I went back to the ballpark for him and picked up food for he and Isaac. I came home to find Isaac already passed out but he rallied, ate, then went back to sleep. I napped and in the late afternoon it was time to get ready for a Halloween party. Isaac still didn’t feel right and opted to stay home, which was probably good because he ended up sleeping right on through to the next day!

The party was fun; lots of people and a good haunted house this year! We didn’t even get home all that late, maybe 10. I woke up Sunday with a headache and I don’t think it was because of beer. The weather was oppressively overcast all weekend and that always affects my sinuses. I got going on some cleaning up (when the heck do full time out of the house workers ever do this stuff??) and even made fancy mac and cheese for lunch. It went along with the leftover pulled pork from our friends’ party and some green beans they’d canned from the garden. I cooked those with bacon and chicken broth and omg, so good! Two of my kids didn’t like them but Ash ate them and he’s the pickiest one so… whatever! We basically just watched football all afternoon while I also did laundry and napped. At 5 I walked the kids up to the church (half a mile) for another trunk or treat. I have mixed feelings about those. I miss the true days of Halloween where every house participated and feel like this new watered down version is a travesty. At the same time, I like it because the people who decorate their cars really put in the effort and the community aspect is really heart-warming. Anyway, we were back within an hour, the kids saw friends and got food and candy.

Ash and I transferred the milk stout to a keg then watched Krull which I’d heard of but never seen. I have perfected this way of “sleeping” but also somehow watching a movie at the same time. It’s really hard to explain but I managed. LOL. By the time we went up to bed, I just felt sort of DONE, mentally mostly. Going back to work full time is rough. I feel thankful I got to be a mostly stay at home worker for the past three years (I quit prior to covid even happening) so I should just relish in that. I can do this!


Well, I guess we’re just gonna pick horror-type songs so buckle up kiddos; these are not for the faint of heart!

Let’s start with Type O Negative because, well, Doom and Peter Steele.

Now let’s go Rob Zombie. I LOVED him in the late 90s and he’s got the horror vibe going on. Sad to say when I saw him live, he kind of stunk.

And now my new fave, Ice Nine Kills. They don’t have a real video for this one yet and I have not seen Cabin Fever but I love this song.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Why am I so tired?

  1. We watched Beetlejuice and Arsenic and Old Lace and Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic over the weekend. We are pretty light weight. Knees. You might want to research Mark Sisson. I think he was pretty good at repairing his battered body, but it took a while and a good diet. Sounds like you have that already. My sister-in-law and my niece had to quit–my niece’s back and my sister-in-law’s joints. They enjoyed it a while. I think my son is only running a couple miles and he’s 34, but trying to get him into HIIT and strength. No luck so far. Ok, I did pretty good not lecturing you about your runs for a while, but now your husband’s knees hurt. Ha. Sounds like your job is going just fine. My daughter is like you. You both make me pretty tired. But it’s a good trait to be an overachiever, I think.

  2. I think we own one of that guy’s books, actually. We also follow the “knees over toes” guy on youtube and have this device that builds your calves in a way that fixes pain but my husband hasn’t gotten there just yet. Those are all good movies!

  3. It is tough to work full time!! A friend of mine told me yesterday that her husband can be asleep while watching TV and she can ask him what just happened . . .and he can tell her. Sounds like y’all both have mastered the art of watching and sleeping!!

    1. Yes! I can remember mostly what happens in the shows we see but I am still somehow resting. These days I need it. I cannot believe I used to work full time with three much younger kids at home.

  4. I was hoping for at least one heavy playlist, and you provided it. I was familiar with the Rob Zombie song. I have heard various Ice Nine Kills songs but not this one. The Type O Negative song was actually a little lighter than I expected but that was fine with me! The sun is setting just about now here and I’m wondering how many trick or treaters will show up. Last year it was only one group.

    1. We had a lot of kids in our neighborhood though we did not give out candy since we were out and about as well. Type O has a lot of slower stuff, to be honest.

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