Friday Five – I made it one week at the new job

  1. I’m starting this list on Wednesday to fill time; I have not really had “work” work yet, as there’s no editing to be done quite yet. I know at some point they’ll throw me right in but for now, just reading policies, studying some examples, and whatnot. I’m also sort of nervous because I am moving the whole family to my insurance and while everyone swears it is (and it appears to be) better than what we had before, I am still questioning and scared. I know my husband is too so it’s this weird in-between time.
  2. Going back full time has made it seem like time has slowed down; as I was going to bed last night and talking to my husband, I thought about something that happened just the day before but it felt like it had been days and days. How odd it is but I am guessing it is just because the days have been so busy and full and when they are, it feels like a longer time. I know work isn’t super busy yet so that is why, when I’ve gotten home this week, I still feel motivated to do stuff.
  3. Got my family moved to my benefits, which are essentially the same as we had before, though slightly cheaper and include vision and dental. We had the option for those before but it was only recently the “good” dental became available so even though we were going to get it through Ash this year, I can get it now too. It’s a bit of a relief, if we are being honest. I have to go to the eye doctor soon and I am also sick of paying out of pocket for the kids’ cleanings.
  4. I realized this morning that I am definitely going to have to get organized and ahead for meals. I have been stopping by the grocery store after work but that makes everything so rushed. I don’t like feeling that way! Yesterday I got home and didn’t even change before I made burgers. Once the patties were formed and fries were in, I got out of my work clothes. We ate dinner and immediately had to leave for girl scouts. But that was fun: we carved pumpkins at our friend’s house for it.
  5. We vacillated between doing and not doing a half marathon tomorrow but I think we will commit. I didn’t do any training runs this week at all but I did do 11 last Saturday and the Saturday before, we did that 12.4 mile trail race. I actually feel pretty comfortable with the distance; it was more about timing. Saturdays are so busy so we had to get friends and neighbors to help get kids places. I am ready for a bit of a break, to be honest. After the race, I plan to SIT. I don’t want to do anything! We have a Halloween party Saturday night so that downtime will be quite nice.

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