Random Tuesday – Can you believe it is November?

  • So far, the people here are really cool. I am liking the new job very much. We had our first office get-together Monday for someone’s going away and they weren’t wrong: these people EAT. They must be doing something right though because most of them seem in good shape. I chatted with my boss and a couple other people so I am starting to feel like part of the group a little more.
  • There’s only one person I’m keeping my eye on. She seems very harsh; like her personality is course. She seems to want to come off nice but I get the feeling she’s just miserable. She’s also reading some leftist propaganda B.S. book about January 6th… like, right there at her desk. We’re supposed to keep it nonpartisan here so that kind of irks me.
  • I have got to get a lamp for my office; these fluorescent lights are killer! I did, however, get my space heater so we’ll see how that works. Set it up for the first time this morning but there’s a lack of outlets to put it on my toes so I have it behind my legs and am hoping it just sort of heats under the desk in general.
  • I would say Halloween was a success; Elliot chose to go with Isaac, who met up with a couple friends down the street. They got a ton of candy too. We took Dakota to our friend’s house where they do a lighted trailer and all that. We had a good time and were not out all that late. I was dead asleep in my chair though, that’s for sure!
  • Back in 2018, when my horrible boss at FSU made me stay until 5 o’clock, I started doing shipt or instacart or one of those because I had no time to get to the store. Sure, I could shop for most things ahead of time but some stuff I wanted fresh. Well, today I have placed an order to be delivered between 4 and 5 because we all are out of the house and I have to take my son to get a hair cut right after his soccer practice. Here’s hoping it turns out ok; it was mostly for the greens for our salad. I took meat out to thaw because I CAN plan ahead in some ways!
  • Apparently today, I get my first drafts assigned to me to edit. I don’t know if they are even time-sensitive, since we are still in the interim, but today is definitely not the day for me to have to learn something new. It’s the first time I have to go teach my classes in the middle of the day. I really only have to do this seven times before the term ends, since two of the days I am working online. No one will come on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so I am not going to bother with a class. it’ll be nice to be done with that because it’s a lot to juggle. At the same time, since it is slow here now, it will be nice to get out of the office in the middle of the day.
  • OK, since I have to do this here editing thing, let me get going. Before that though, I am making a list of stuff to do when I get home because I swear, I get there and I forget entirely what all I said I had to do!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Can you believe it is November?

  1. I make lists ALL of the time. If I don’t, I forget everything!! Hope your grocery delivery worked well! I had never ordered pre-covid but started using Shipt then. I still use it at least a couple of times a month. Target owns Shipt now so if I order from Target there is no mark-up.

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